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Some suspended organizations' members unaware their chapters are even suspended

Student organizations pay for members' off-campus actions with suspension.

'Strip Your Letters' Instagram account calls for reform within MU Greek life

The account draws attention to racism, homophobia, ableism, mental health, privilege and other issues in MU Greek life and seeks to hold PHA and IFC accountable.

Politics of sororities questioned amid former member’s viral Twitter thread

A former Phi Mu member went from a sister to an outcast. Here is her story.

Sigma Chi administration closes MU chapter

Despite being closed down, the fraternity plans to return to the MU campus.

New Greek life policies will require GPA baseline for new housing guidelines

The Fraternity & Sorority Advisory Board released a report April 1 outlining improvements to the Greek system.

The Briefing: Dean of students speaks to MSA senators about changes to Greek life

The first session of the semester focused on the future of some organizations under the Division of Student Affairs.

Greek life advisory board explains future reforms at open forum

The Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Board addressed comments about upcoming changes to MU’s Greek life housing and recruitment system.

Joint student-faculty board backs change in Greek system

The report, released by the Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisory Board, aims to create a system for self-reporting hazing within chapters and limit first-year students living in chapter houses.

Greek life restrictions, new leadership, budget cutbacks affect campus this year

Greek life restrictions, new leadership, budget cutbacks affect campus this year

Greek community looks to move past three fraternity closings in fall

The IFC and university administration emphasize student safety as a top priority.

Dyad Strategies releases scathing report of MU Office of Greek Life

The report offers a critical review of and recommendations for MU’s Greek system.

Two Greek houses hold fundraising event for Hurricane Harvey relief

The total proceeds equaled to more than $3,000 and will be donated to Kingwood High School in Houston.

MU office restructuring to create efficiency and synergy between departments, improve student experience

Students can expect to see changes in Greek Life, Residential Life and student engagement.

MU hires outside consultant to review Greek Life

Dyad is looking at policies specifically relating to hazing, housing, alcohol and drugs, as well as providing trainings and workshops for active members.

MU investigating case of possible misappropriation of funds

MU has announced a new directive regarding the management of external accounts affiliated with student organizations.

Fraternal system’s lack of diversity creates a discriminatory environment

Sophomore Matt Luke: “Diversity in the frats? I don’t know, that's the only thing that's still segregated. Because that's what it is; frats are segregated.”

Interactive Map: Greek houses make accessibility updates

A Maneater survey shows MU’s Greek chapters have continued to make their houses more inclusive for all students.

Student Life looks for new funding source following failed Greek fee

Only three people will oversee the Greek community next year.

IFC dispels rumors about party ban

Vice President of Risk Management Ryan O’Connor said Greek men have the sizable responsibility of knowing all the policies that apply to them.

Vigil honors MU freshman Kayce Goldberg

Sorority sister Natalie Harshman: “Your goofy smile and personality were contagious to everyone around you.”