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Interactive Map: Greek houses make accessibility updates

A Maneater survey shows MU’s Greek chapters have continued to make their houses more inclusive for all students.

MU Greek chapters display decorations and skits for Homecoming

“It’s great to see the fraternity system and the sorority system working hand in hand,” Assistant Athletic Director and Phi Gamma Delta member Gary Link said.

The secret behind pomping: from pieces of tissue paper to the decorated boards

In the past, 75 percent of the boards had to be filled with pomps to gain full points with the Campus Decorations judges, said Carolyn Welter, Panhellenic Association’s vice president of public relations. This year, the boards could only be 25 percent pom

Fraternities request sprinkler deadline extension

Fraternities Sigma Nu and Delta Tau Delta ask for an extension beyond the March 2016 deadline in order to build a new house.

MU and the campus community work to accommodate students with disabilities

PHA’s sexual violence education plan won’t be ‘one size fits all’

The initiative was developed in coordination with the RSVP Center and Title IX Office.

Read the Fraternity Alumni Consortium's proposals for Greek Life

The proposed restrictions on fraternities, which the consortium spokesman said are not ready for implementation, would take effect this fall.

PHA and IFC ‘strongly disagree’ with proposed regulations

Update: Consortium spokesman Ted Hellman said in an email Saturday drug testing is “no longer being considered as a policy proposal.”

Suspicious incident in Greektown over the weekend

On Sunday morning, police investigated a report of a suspicious person knocking on Delta Delta Delta sorority house’s doors and windows.

Police investigating early morning assault in Greektown

MUPD suspended the search for the three suspects around 2 a.m., per an MU Alert update.

Greektown must welcome students with disabilities

Instead of ignoring the lack of accessibility for people with physical disabilities in Greektown, chapters need to start discussing how to best fix this issue.

Maneater Long Reads: Accessibility in Greektown

While some fraternity and sorority houses have been updated, many remain inaccessible to students with physical disabilities.

Greeks plan to go green

Currently, there are only two recycling bins in all of Greek town.