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RSVP Center to help lead first National Green Dot Day of Action

Prevention Coordinator Chris Walters: “We are actually the birthplace, the creator of this idea. We’re really excited that it at least had a little start here.”

Bus ad helps to spread the word about Green Dot

RSVP Center coordinator Christopher Walters: “We can make an impact in stopping violence.”

IFC peer education seeks to prevent sexual violence, break down societal expectations for men

IFC VP of Programming Nick Danter said he saw the chapter members become willing to have frank, open discussions.

Green Dot Conference spots the points that need to be discussed regarding power-based violence

MU plans to host a nationwide event with other schools who participate in the Green Dot program next year.

Meet the three MSA presidential slates

The slates address a variety of issues from increasing affordability in housing and dining to advocating for mental health and social justice issues to better the lives of MU students.

Green Dot Conference trains students how to prevent power-based violence

Forty-six percent of conference attendees admitted being victims of some form of violence.

RSVP Center educates about violence prevention at Green Dot Conference

The conference offered a day of discussion and activities focused on ending power-based personal violence.