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Garnett Stokes appointed interim chancellor, Gary Ward appointed interim vice chancellor for student affairs

Stokes will serve as interim chancellor until a permanent chancellor is hired.

Hank Foley to leave MU for New York Institute of Technology

Foley served as interim chancellor of MU for over a year and had previously said he’d like to stay in the position permanently.

Nationwide search for next MU chancellor announced

Interim Chancellor Hank Foley expressed his desire to retain the position.

Faculty expresses discontent over job security, management of funds

The Faculty Council chairman said MU will see increased agitation for labor rights if faculty concerns are not addressed.

Comparing the response to incidents of racism on campus

Wednesday’s demonstrations come a little over a year after former MSA President Payton Head vocalized he was a called a racial slur.

Storify: Timeline of reactions to racist incident involving LBC members

Here's how campus responded to Tuesday's events.

Update: MUPD investigating harassment of LBC members

Two students were called the N-word and other obscenities outside of Delta Upsilon, which has been placed on emergency suspension.

Interim administrator contracts are similar to those of their predecessors

While interim Chancellor Hank Foley and interim UM System President Mike Middleton make the same amount of money as those who came immediately before them, their contracts vary in page length and formality.

Jim Sterk officially introduced as Missouri’s new athletics director

Sterk said it "maybe took 15 minutes" to decide to come to Mizzou.

MU seniors bring back beer to Senior Sendoff

While it wasn’t the first time beer was absent at Senior Sendoff, last year’s alcohol-free celebration received pushback from students.

Foley: Graduate students aren’t workers

Interim Chancellor Hank Foley: “I am not for this union, let me say that. I think that graduate students should be graduate students first and workers second.”

Foley’s condescending rhetoric toward graduate workers is unacceptable

Graduate workers are not “kids,” and the election should not have come as a surprise to administrators.

MU units work to tighten belt around budget

Director of Student Life Mark Lucas: “Our job is to provide experiences for all the different components of our campus, and we will still be able to do that, we just may not be able to do that as much to benefit the people who are paying for it."

Administrators talk diversity and budget during spring faculty meeting

Interim Chancellor Hank Foley said at least 600 of the projected 1,500 fewer students for fall 2016 can be attributed to the events of last fall.

MU to experience $32 million budget loss from enrollment decrease

Budget cuts and a hiring freeze are two of the plans that will be implemented to save money.

Explaining the UM System

An in-depth look at the structure of the system and who's in charge.

Click’s firing sparks discussions on faculty job security, free speech

After the UM System Board of Curators’ decision to fire the professor, faculty members have questioned their own ability to stand up for students.

Chat with the Chancellor includes several conversations about Melissa Click

Interim Chancellor Hank Foley: “It’s been a learning experience for me.”

Curators’ decision to fire Click highlights Foley’s shift in opinion

Many faculty have questioned his support of Click’s firing by the UM System Board of Curators.

Foley responds to faculty complaints about Melissa Click’s firing

Faculty Council Chairman Ben Trachtenberg: “Regardless of one’s position or opinion on professor Click’s behavior fitness for duty, she was entitled by the rules — rules that the Board of Curators approved — to a fair process. That she did not receive.”