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The secrets to getting started in yoga

Megan Hall, the manager of Yoga Sol, gives her advice to newcomers.

How to exercise without really trying

These menial workouts can keep even those who are least inclined to work out somewhat active.

Four workout plans to get you comfortably calling yourself a ‘runner’

Don’t let your mascara run faster than you.

MOVE’s self-care guide: Taking a break has never been so important

With finals on the horizon, it’s important to take the time to focus on yourself.

Switch up your MizzouRec routine with TigerX classes

There are endless ways to get your grind on, whether you’re searching for zen or a high-intensity pump session.

Off-campus exercise spots to spice up your workout routine

Columbia has more to offer than MizzouRec.

New takes on the most important meal of the day

Try these fast, easy and healthy breakfasts to make in your dorm or apartment.

Achieve your fitness goals with these quick exercises

Just because you don’t have time for the gym doesn’t mean you have to gain the freshman 15.

Tired of not sleeping? MOVE can help fix that.

Sleep is a necessary function, so why is it a struggle to get the recommended eight hours?

MOVE playlists: Songs you can sweat to

These playlists will give you an extra push to skip your daily nap and get MOVE-ing.

Sex Edna: Education is vital to a healthy and happy sex life

From anatomy to toys to boundaries and so forth, education is key.

Girls on the Run prepares for April 5K race

Young girls learn about healthy self-image, positive community and achieving goals in Columbia.

Check out all the places in CoMo where you can get STI testing

Celebrate sexual health responsibility week by getting checked.

City switches back to chloramine

For three months of the year, the city adds only chlorine to disinfect its water.

Columbia is the healthiest city in Missouri

A study published in USA Today ranked healthiest cities in the U.S. using four criteria.

Forum to be held on changes in graduate student health care policy

A subsidy that was once $3,051 has been replaced by a one-time payment of $1,240.

Seven mumps cases confirmed with more pending

Crowded environments like college campuses are the most vulnerable for mumps outbreaks to occur, said Michael Cooperstock, medical director of MU Health Care’s Infection Control Department.

A beginner’s guide to working out

Starting a workout routine can be difficult, but here are a few ways to get started.

MU students working on suicide awareness documentary

The film aims to provide a deeper understanding of mental illness, self-harm and suicide.

UM System offers Million Steps to better health

University employees can receive a full rebate on Fitbits purchased from the Mizzou Store.