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UM System Board of Curators host public meeting with Health Affairs Committee

There were a few updates from the committee, including the introduction of MU School of Medicine interim dean.

CoMo for Progress holds demonstration against Graham-Cassidy health care bill

Rally organizers and Columbia citizens alike gathered outside Sen. McCaskill’s office to influence her no vote on the bill.

MU professors state concerns over possible repeal of ACA

Associate law professor Sam Halabi: “I think that it is going to be very difficult to come up with a compromise that involves a repeal."

Check out all the places in CoMo where you can get STI testing

Celebrate sexual health responsibility week by getting checked.

Graduate students not satisfied with task force’s solutions

A statement from the Forum Graduate Rights said the proposed solutions “would leave graduate students materially worse off” than the current plan.

Graduate student unity is crucial to progress

It’s been a crazy week for our graduate students, but through all of the discord, we’re now seeing a united graduate student population.

Forum to be held on changes in graduate student health care policy

A subsidy that was once $3,051 has been replaced by a one-time payment of $1,240.

Lawmaker looks to get treatment of eating disorders covered by health plans

The bill has run into blockades in the past due to misunderstandings by representatives, state Rep. Keith Frederick said.

MU students working on suicide awareness documentary

The film aims to provide a deeper understanding of mental illness, self-harm and suicide.

Missouri General Assembly seeks to offer virtual schooling

The bill is currently still being worked on.

State funding needed to relieve nursing shortage, educators say

Officials say an aging population is worsening the shortage.

New South Providence clinic aims to treat 100,000 its first year

Services like Urgent Care, Family Medicine and Psychiatry services will be relocated to the new clinic.

Health insurance advocates push last-minute enrollment

The deadline for marketplace enrollment is March 31.

Affordable Care Act

ACA is broken down and its coverage for young Americans explained.

Number of young adults with health insurance increases after new law

The change allows young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance longer.

MU Health Care named a 'Most Wired' hospital

The distinction was given to only 100 hospitals nationwide.

Radiothon raises $225,375 for MU Children's Hospital

Zimmer Radio Group stations helped host the annual radiothon.

Department of Health announces new plan to extend coverage to college students

New plan aims to keep college students from “falling through the cracks.”

No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act changed after public backlash

The bill faced criticism after distinguishing between "rape" and "forcible rape."

State senator pushes for health care repeal

The resolution would ask the Missouri attorney general to join a national lawsuit challenging health care act.