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COLUMN: The prestigious college pipeline is setting America up for unfair representation

The majority of elite political figures and government officials were educated in the top prep schools and universities of the country. Most Americans did not have the same education, making it difficult to find a common ground between the two.

Lawmakers call for end to racism, new leadership

Gov. Nixon and several legislators spoke out about Concerned Student 1950.

Presidential candidates to reform higher education

Revenue from cures found at the facility would go toward bridge infrastructure, grants for college, health care, and tax refunds for Missourians.

Search for interim dean underway after Business school dean leaves for South Carolina

Dean Joan Gabel rebranded the Business school and helped launch the execMBA program.

Low state revenue stymies 50-50 fund match program

Gov. Jay Nixon has put a hold on all four 50-50 fund match capital projects approved by the legislature last year after tax revenue fell short of estimates.

‘Funding is the key’: Alumni and administrators advocate for MU at state capitol

UM System’s legislative goals are centered on increased state funding for higher education.

Tuition, fees to increase system-wide

The tuition increases were approved by the Board of Curators in a 6-1 vote.

Webber appointed ranking member of Higher Education Appropriations Committee

The committee discusses issues regarding higher education funding in Missouri.

Spain-Johanson report targets Missouri tuition

According to the report, MU tuition has nearly doubled since 1994 and loans make up almost 70 percent of all financial aid in Missouri.

Educators discuss lessons about race, inequality from Ferguson

“We should be teaching for Ferguson, not about it,” Cuenca said.

Capitol wrap-up: Week of April 27

Mizzou Alumni Association’s Legislative Network lobbies for higher education in Jefferson City, Mo.

The grassroots advocacy group has grown to over 4,500 advocates.

Nixon cuts millions from higher education for third straight year

Efforts from MU’s student body and administration have prevented deeper cuts.

Gov. Nixon releases performance funding model for higher education

Governor Jay Nixon has created a plan to fund higher education based on goals created by the universities themselves.

Study indicates gender divide in US schools, colleges

Researchers from the University of Toronto report several factors contribute to lopsided male to female ratios in schools of study.

Study shows college drop outs cost nation millions

Dropping out of college poses personal problems for students, as well as financial woes for the country.

New report shows where college-bound Missourians live

The report has not yet been analyzed for rural and urban differences.

Study finds 87 percent of Missouri state legislators attended college

Approximately 70 percent of Missouri lawmakers graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Largest expense reduction ever for MOST College Savings Plan

Program costs dropped 44 percent, saving Missouri families $18.5 million over the next five years.

Pell Grants likely to remain in place with new federal budget

This is a result of the agreement on a federal budget for the remainder of 2011.