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University faculty, students clean up waste after homecoming

A total of 22.5 truckloads of solid waste and recycling were collected after homecoming.

Homecoming events take months of preparation and coordination from all levels of MU

Various committees organized events such as the Tiger Food Fight and campus 5k in preparation for welcoming home MU’s alumni at Saturday’s game.

The Legion of Black Collegians celebrates 50 years through Homecoming Week

LBC’s Homecoming Week, which was Oct. 14 through Oct. 20, showed LBC’s main goals of educating to create positive change and giving African-American students a way for their voices to be heard.

Students paint campus traditions for this year’s Decorate the District

Many local businesses downtown enjoy participating in this annual Homecoming tradition.

Greek house decorations celebrate the beginning of MU’s 106th Homecoming weekend

Every year, Greek houses construct Homecoming decorations and invite the community to come out and view them.

Homecoming brings positive memories, sense of purpose to Missouri football

Redshirt sophomore Jonah Dubinski: “It’s really cool because people I knew growing up or distant relatives would always come into town for Homecoming and now they get to come and watch me”

Missouri football sees Homecoming as chance to overcome past

The Tigers, who attempt to put their early-season struggles behind them this week, will also have to get past another hurdle: last year’s Homecoming defeat.

No matter what happens on the field Saturday, Idaho will be winners at Mizzou’s Homecoming

The 15-point underdogs will take home a $1.3 million payout from the University of Missouri.

Homecoming weekend brings Marching Mizzou alumni back to their college days

On Homecoming weekend, old band members get the opportunity to relive the collegiate band experience with a pre-game performance.

A look at Mizzou’s best Homecoming football games since 2000

With overtime wins, multiple tie games and big upsets, Mizzou Homecoming has been a wild ride in years past.

Shakespeare’s prepares for ‘busiest weekend of the year’

The Columbia staple strives to serve the community as best as possible for Homecoming.

Same homecoming, a different tradition

LBC President Shelby Anderson: “It's open to anyone who wants to celebrate black students and understand the history of them not being allowed to participate in the homecoming festivities Mizzou hosted.”

Homecoming Parade preparation takes into account construction, possible disruptions

Homecoming Parade Committee member Abrea Mizer: “We’ve been working really hard to make sure the parade will run smoothly and to make it as quick as possible, yet still enjoyable for everyone.”

You’re a Mizzou fan, but senior Shannon Fennell is a superfan

Superfan Shannon Fennell: “Find your niche, I want you to love it here because I love it here.”

Homecoming King Payton Head talks involvement, social justice and inclusivity

Head’s participation in the Mizzou Alumni Association Homecoming came a cost as he missed the Legion of Black Collegians’ Homecoming events.

Homecoming Queen Allison Fitts gains respect for her sincerity

“She’s never apologized for who she is,” PHA VP of Programming Abby Flores said.

LBC Homecoming Queen talks about involvement, service and race relations

“I do see the divide on campus, and I do see how my presence on campus is political and the fact that there are a lot of people who don’t want me here or don’t see me fit to participate in Mizzou’s anything … I don’t necessarily feel welcome all the time,

Columbia Pachyderms president under fire for objectifying tweet

Columbia Pachyderms President Fred Berry tweeted about his view of the “Delta Gamma VNB’s,” which the Mizzou College Democrats interpreted to mean “very nice butts.”

MU Greek chapters display decorations and skits for Homecoming

“It’s great to see the fraternity system and the sorority system working hand in hand,” Assistant Athletic Director and Phi Gamma Delta member Gary Link said.

Maneater Homecoming Special Section 2015

MU started the Homecoming tradition back in 1911.