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Frequently asked questions about MU’s historic fall

A lot happened last fall. Here’s a quick rundown of the major events.

Most Influential Students: Jonathan Butler

Butler’s hunger strike fueled protests that led to the resignation of UM System President Tim Wolfe.

Concerned Student 1950 plans to continue to educate students, raise awareness

Reuben Faloughi: “To know that other students have that same experience and are willing to stand up with you because you did, it’s so empowering. It makes the sleepless nights worth it. It makes the threats worth it. It makes the struggle worth it.”

Concerned Student 1950 looks to the future

Members of Concerned Student 1950 said they are working toward creating an “actual One Mizzou.”

Protests prompt free speech discussion on campus

Communications law professor Sandy Davidson: “On a university campus we should try to elevate the ethical standards. We should have respect.”

Alumni reflect on years of racism at MU

“I think this is a litmus as well as an example for equality and to open a dialogue about race and justice and collaboration in our country,” graduate Jeff Beckham said.

Missouri in the national news: front pages from Nov. 10, 2015

Students react to Wolfe’s resignation

Some students admitted they were not aware of resignation or had not been keeping up with everything that was going on.

Nov. 9: a chronological play-by-play

A lot happened on campus today. We put it all in order.

A historic day: top 10 stories

Here’s a recap of the major events on Nov. 9.

Hank Foley to take over as interim chancellor Jan. 1

Foley has served as Senior Vice Chancellor for the past year.

In light of Wolfe’s resignation, Missouri football team ‘closer and tighter’

Gary Pinkel: “My support for my players had nothing to do with anybody losing their job and, with something like this, football became secondary.”

STORIFY: National reaction to whirlwind week at MU

The White House, Magic Johnson and more shared their thoughts on recent events at MU.

Activists celebrate Wolfe’s resignation at Concerned Student 1950 campsite

Tensions between protesters and media grew as the number of people in the quad grew.

MU reacts to Wolfe's resignation

Wolfe resigned Nov. 9 after mounting pressure from students, faculty and staff.

Concerned Student 1950 reacts to Wolfe’s resignation in news conference

The group demanded immediate meetings with Faculty Council, UM System Board of Curators and Gov. Jay Nixon.

Concerned Student 1950 issues new demands

Press conference held following UM System President Tim Wolfe’s resignation

Chalk messages cover Speaker Circle in support of Concerned Student 1950

Spending just $8 and a few hours of their time, students make their mark.

Wolfe announces resignation as UM System president

After pressure from Concerned Student 1950, Wolfe announced his resignation Monday morning.

MSA letter to curators calls for Wolfe’s removal

“He has not only enabled a culture of racism since the start of his tenure in 2012, but blatantly ignored and disrespected the concerns of students,” the letter reads.