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New Greek life policies will require GPA baseline for new housing guidelines

The Fraternity & Sorority Advisory Board released a report April 1 outlining improvements to the Greek system.

Greek life advisory board explains future reforms at open forum

The Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Board addressed comments about upcoming changes to MU’s Greek life housing and recruitment system.

Joint student-faculty board backs change in Greek system

The report, released by the Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisory Board, aims to create a system for self-reporting hazing within chapters and limit first-year students living in chapter houses.

Greek community looks to move past three fraternity closings in fall

The IFC and university administration emphasize student safety as a top priority.

IFC pauses all new member activities following hazing allegations

At least nine fraternities have been accused of participating in hazing activities.

MU hires outside consultant to review Greek Life

Dyad is looking at policies specifically relating to hazing, housing, alcohol and drugs, as well as providing trainings and workshops for active members.

LBC incident reopens campus race dialogue

Freshman Autumn Clemons: “We’re not just yelling, we’re not just ranting, we’re not just going on about that type of stuff. We’re actually trying to get out a message, and I feel like that’s what people are actually missing.”

Joint session calls for MU to divest from prison labor

MSA passed the resolution to condemn MU products made by state inmates, but some representatives questioned the research behind the legislation.

IFC dispels rumors about party ban

Vice President of Risk Management Ryan O’Connor said Greek men have the sizable responsibility of knowing all the policies that apply to them.

Student Life seeks to implement Greek fee

Student Life employees have been working with Greek Life in addition to the jobs they were hired to do, a practice that the fee would end.

Revived Multicultural Greek Council seeks to increase unity of Greek councils

MGC President Phillip Nguyen: “We want them to know that (even if) you’re not rich or white, you still have access to being a part of Greek Life.”

Meet the new Interfraternity Council executive board

Vice President of Membership Development Nick Sonntag: “We want to be clear about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We want the Greek community to see value in what we do.”

IFC peer education seeks to prevent sexual violence, break down societal expectations for men

IFC VP of Programming Nick Danter said he saw the chapter members become willing to have frank, open discussions.

Students vote to end joint session because of safety threats

Students left Tate Hall with their arms linked together and were escorted by police. Joint Session is rescheduled for Tuesday Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. at Schlundt Hall 103.

IFC bans hard liquor in fraternity houses

The new rule goes further for Greek safety than consortium proposals, PHA spokeswoman said.

Incoming students find brotherhood at IFC recruitment

Shortening the second day from 11 houses to eight brought some mixed reviews.

PHA’s sexual violence education plan won’t be ‘one size fits all’

The initiative was developed in coordination with the RSVP Center and Title IX Office.

PHA and IFC ‘strongly disagree’ with proposed regulations

Update: Consortium spokesman Ted Hellman said in an email Saturday drug testing is “no longer being considered as a policy proposal.”

Greek community expresses outrage over proposed regulations

Proposed restrictions would apply to alcohol, out-of-town formals and women visiting fraternity houses on weekend nights.

Student government joint session passes of five resolutions

Title IX Administrator Ellen Eardley opened the session by giving a speech