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Tag: Illegal drugs

Freshman arrested in connection with selling drugs

MUPD arrested the student on suspicion of selling drugs in Hatch Residence Hall.

Initiative petition hopes to legalize medical marijuana

Student organizations hope to amend local ordinances to allow the cultivation of cannabis.

Columbia Police Department acquires drug incinerator

The department hopes the incinerator will efficiently dispose of drugs.

Columbia considers decriminalizing marijuana cultivation

Missouri marijuana legalization initiative delayed to 2016

Fifty-one percent of likely 2014 voters said they would vote against legalization.

Students, resident arrested on drug charges in campus parking lot

An officer found the suspects in parking lot AV-9 near the Ag building.

Investigators make cocaine arrests

Deputies found scale and packaging materials with cocaine residue.

Speeding ticket leads to narcotics arrest

Officers found a felony amount of marijuana when they searched the car.

Police seize 50 grams of cocaine in drug sweep

Police are still looking for nine other suspects.

Missouri sees increase in meth production

Despite the increase, Missouri lost its No. 1-ranking in meth production to Tennessee.

K-2 bans reinforced throughout Missouri

K-2 is a synthetic cannabinoid with similar effects as marijuana.

Governor pledges to fight to reduce meth production

Missouri has had more than 1,000 cases of meth-related incidents this year.

Suspects jump from car during chase

Police found cocaine in the car.

Three arrested in cocaine operation

Investigators found large amounts of cash and a handgun at the scene.