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Fraternal system’s lack of diversity creates a discriminatory environment

Sophomore Matt Luke: “Diversity in the frats? I don’t know, that's the only thing that's still segregated. Because that's what it is; frats are segregated.”

IFC peer education seeks to prevent sexual violence, break down societal expectations for men

IFC VP of Programming Nick Danter said he saw the chapter members become willing to have frank, open discussions.

Talent Competition Kicks Off Homecoming Week

Before the competition began, Homecoming director Kelsey Denker acknowledged the racist incident against the Legion of Black Collegians members.

Sigma Kappa, Kappa Delta fly solo for Homecoming

Although the fraternities they were paired with dropped out on short notice, PHA believes that the sororities can pull off Homecoming on their own.

The secret behind pomping: from pieces of tissue paper to the decorated boards

In the past, 75 percent of the boards had to be filled with pomps to gain full points with the Campus Decorations judges, said Carolyn Welter, Panhellenic Association’s vice president of public relations. This year, the boards could only be 25 percent pom

Loftin, Consortium ought to learn from their comedy of errors leading up to summit.

While the summit has potential, mistakes need to be addressed in order to be considered the ‘national model.'

Incoming students find brotherhood at IFC recruitment

Shortening the second day from 11 houses to eight brought some mixed reviews.

Read the Fraternity Alumni Consortium's proposals for Greek Life

The proposed restrictions on fraternities, which the consortium spokesman said are not ready for implementation, would take effect this fall.

PHA and IFC ‘strongly disagree’ with proposed regulations

Update: Consortium spokesman Ted Hellman said in an email Saturday drug testing is “no longer being considered as a policy proposal.”

Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity raises record amount during Rock-A-Thon

The success of MU’s chapter of Rock-A-Thon created tension with the national chapter

SAE national fraternity and MU chapter leadership address OU video

Interfraternity Council elects 2015 executive board

Seven IFC members were elected Nov. 9

IFC recruitment brings in record number of rushees

IFC increased its participants by more than 100 men.

Latino fraternity Lambda Theta Phi seeks MU chapter

The Latino fraternity has a chapter at UMKC and is interested in expanding to the MU campus.

ATO returns after four-year absence

The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity hopes to regain its charter in 12 to 18 months.

A guide to going Greek

Greek Life coordinator Julie Drury shares her advice on getting involved in Greek Life as a freshman.

MSA, IFC stress summer recruitment for freshmen

MSA and IFC are increasing summer recruitment in an attempt to inform and attract incoming freshmen.

The Greektown shuffle: Several chapters moving over the summer

Contrary to rumors that have flurried, Zeta Beta Tau isn't leaving campus.

Gender-neutral housing resolution debated

Twenty-six MSA senators voted in favor of the resolution.

Greek Life proposal aims to revamp alcohol policy

The proposal would bar freshmen from living in fraternity houses.