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COLUMN: Poor and poorer: is MU right in its handling of this Professor’s controversial comment?

As a Chinese international student, I do not find Professor Joel Poor’s joke to be particularly funny, but whether that alone justifies the sanction he faced is another matter.

International Humans of Mizzou: Illinois native and German exchange student share their experiences studying abroad

The students explained the differences between college in their respective countries and where they went to study.

International Humans of Mizzou: MU domestic, exchange students share their experiences studying abroad

A domestic student studying Linguistics spent a semester in Belgium last fall while an exchange student from Denmark studies journalism in MU for the spring semester.

Mandatory China Day seminar draws praise, criticism

Holds on student accounts have since been lifted.

International humans of Columbia; insight on the lives of four MU students

Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students share personal stories.

Annual flag parade celebrates the diversity at MU through its 10th anniversary

MISC President Kristy Lai: “These flags not only represent where students come from, but it also represents our culture, our beliefs and our home.”

International Center hosts meeting for students and scholars affected by Trump’s travel ban

University spokesman Christian Basi: “The students are very valued members of our community, and the international students bring a rich diversity to the campus.”

French foreign exchange students reflect on tragedy in Paris

“I feel like we are trying to move on, but I’m a bit afraid that it’s going to happen again because it was so big, and ISIS said it wouldn’t be the last attack,” French exchange student Mathilde Saint-Genis said.

Can patriotism have a negative impact on America?

Excessive patriotism is making Americans ignorant of the world around them.

Meet the three MSA presidential slates

The slates address a variety of issues from increasing affordability in housing and dining to advocating for mental health and social justice issues to better the lives of MU students.

Homecoming Grand Marshals honored for contributions to university

The Grand Marshals are the tri-chairs of the new campaign Mizzou: Our Time to Lead.

MISC will hold eighth International Flag Day

Students will carry about 40 flags from different countries around campus.

Europeans welcoming refugees should be held in great admiration

Faith in humanity restored by Europeans willing to welcome refugees

International Welcome Party attracts diverse group of MU students

Cultural presentations, food and music filled Brewer Court on Saturday night.

Multicultural Hour brings together MU students from around the world

Over 100 countries are represented at MU.

The distinction between Hong Kong and China

While I am technically from China, I tell people that I am from Hong Kong because there is a notable difference between the two.

Would you prefer to live somewhere else?

Ask yourself: Does where you live really affect your overall happiness?

Great news for students from China

Extending the length of student visas allows Chinese students to pursue their dreams in America.

International Showcase takes MU around the world in one night

Nine student groups gave a variety of cultural performances Saturday at Missouri Theatre.

Family expectations shouldn’t override your passions

While you may seek the approval of your parents, following your dreams is important in life.