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Net neutrality is under attack … again

A new member of the FCC may put the sanctity of net neutrality at risk.

ICYMI: Watch and learn: Three YouTube shows that entertain

Forget “Late Night”: Columnist Ellie Papadakis shares three online talk shows you should watch.

Pop Culture Shock: Kim Kardashian tries to “break the Internet”

Columnist McKenna Bulkley isn’t entirely sure what to think about the newest Kardashian controversy.

ICYMI: Four books to read from YouTubers

Columnist Ellie Papadakis looks at some interesting reads written by YouTube stars.

ICYMI: Four YouTube stars to fill your iPod

Need something new to listen to? Columnist Ellie Papadakis creates your new favorite playlist.

ICYMI: Technology changes between generations

Columnist Ellie Papadakis talks about her parents’ technology skills — or lack thereof.

ICYMI: Is Imgur reinventing the loop?

Columnist Ellie Papadakis talks about Imgur’s new animated image format.

ICYMI: The importance of punctuation on the Web

Columnist Ellie Papadakis talks about how good grammar rules the web.

ICYMI: What it takes to make a video go viral

Columnist Ellie Papadakis dissects the best viral videos on the web.

ICYMI: Internet is changing the way books are read

Millennials reading more, even with Internet

Pop Culture Shock: Blame the photo leakers, not the celebs

MOVE columnist McKenna Bulkley on the insane celebrity nude photo scandal.

ICYMI: Study break: 4 short films, vloggers to watch on YouTube

Columnist Ellie Papadakis suggests a few videos to watch on your study break

ICYMI: Can’t find server: Losing Internet lends time to making real-life connections

Columnist Ellie Papadakis shares her adventure without the Internet.

Trends with benefits: Blake’s got a new site

B-Live launches fashion and lifestyle website.

ICYMI: Nerd no longer an insult, thanks to Internet

Columnist Ellie Papadakis on how the Internet changes definitions.

Selfies give instant gratification, take away memories

MOVE Columnist Ellie Papadakis on why selfies aren’t cool.

ICYMI: Feeling connected online: the impacts of community on YouTube

MOVE columnist Ellie Papadakis on why YouTube stars create communities.

Channel Vision: Jane Austen’s classic remains, well, classic

TV columnist Crystal Duan on why you should read “Pride & Prejudice,” watch “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” and heck, read “The Secret Life of Lizzie Bennet,” too

Sophomore Hailey Moore plays role in new web series

“Somebodies,” an Internet comedy series, will debut Feb. 17.

DoIT purchases .xxx domain names to avoid MU-related porn, and were all purchased.