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Junior Tori Schafer defines herself and empowers others

Schafer: “I’m a firm believer that your biggest loss is the start of your comeback story, so I'm looking forward to writing my comeback story."

MSA calls on administrators to sign It’s On Us pledge

GPC President Rachel Bauer: “We are serious about holding students accountable. We want the administration to take this seriously, and we want them to publicly say they signed on our campus to the campaign.”

Barnes brings fierce leadership as MSA chief of staff

The junior worked the job as interim over the summer but will stay on permanently to replace Cara Hartwig.

Summer conferences helped MSA learn about diversity and sexual assault prevention

MU was the only university to have two representatives at the Project InSiGht conference in Israel.

US Senator Claire McCaskill speaks on higher ed’s ‘dirty little secret’ at inaugural summit

McCaskill touched on the Sasha Menu Corey case as well as Dorial Green-Beckman’s dismissal from the Mizzou football team during her keynote speech.

MU signs on to take ‘It’s On Us’ pledge

‘It’s On Us,’ the national campaign for sexual assault prevention, will branch off of ‘Enough is Enough’ under MSA president’s leadership.