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Israeli photojournalist speaks at MU campus about Gaza Conflict

Noam Bedein provides his take on the complex and heated Gaza debate.

Student organizations, administrators condemn Gateway Hall vandalism

The incident is the second anti-Semitic act of vandalism at the hall this school year.

Student organizations speak out against anti-abortion graphic images outside Student Center

Mizzou Students for Life helped bring the Genocide Awareness Project to campus in 2012 but do not support them being here this year.

Jewish student organizations bring the celebration of light to MU

Junior Rachel Green: “To me individually Hanukkah means a time to celebrate (my) religion.”

Jewish Student Organization holds a Solidarity Shabbat for marginalized students on campus

“I think it will be really great welcoming so many different people into our space here,” Jewish Student Organization President Thalia Sass.

Some still claim the the Gateway Hall vandalism is a hoax

A police report from October describes the swastika.

George Smith’s letter is is par for the course for an anti-Semite

Anti-Zionism is no different than anti-Semitism

Anti-Zionism is not the same as anti-Semitism

Smith: Smearing anti-Zionism as anti-Semitic is a long-standing tactic of Zionist propaganda.

36 organizations request Loftin to acknowledge anti-Semitism

The letter discussed and offered steps for Loftin to take

Swastika drawn in residence hall with feces

This is the second incident of anti-Semitic vandalism that has occurred in the past year.

Instead of cowardly vandalism, let’s have a conversation about the issues

The vandalism read “Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel,” the calling card of an anti-Israel organization often accused of anti-Semitic acts.

Mizzou Hillel offers sense of community

“It’s really about connecting the students to each other,” executive director Jeanne Snodgrass said. “We try to take a little bit from everyone and create something that everyone can feel a connection to. It’s kind of like a blended community.”

‘Perspectives on Zionism’ class canceled due to no enrollment

The class was opposed by student and community Jewish groups.

Loftin: Anti-Semitic messages 'deplorable,' MU investigating incidents

According to the statement, the perpetrator could face criminal charges.

MU officials investigate anti-Semitic writing in residence hall

Two consecutive instances of anti-semitic vandalism were discovered in Mark Twain’s stairwell over the weekend.

MSA, Faculty Council working to amend religious observance policy

The proposed change to the Faculty Handbook would include language that require faculty to excuse students for religious obligations.