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UM system contributes $5.4 billion to state economy in 2017

Consulting firm Tripp Umbach found that the Columbia campus had a $3.9 billion impact on the state in fiscal 2017.

MU Career Center gives job hunting advice for students

Craig Benson, Student Support Services Manager for the MU Career Center: “Really think about what you would be contributing to a potential organization and how you’re going to add value, solve problems and meet the needs they have.”

Columbia restaurants ready to hire again

With the fall semester officially in full swing, many Columbia restaurants are beginning to hire once again.

Major doesn't have to determine career

Study shows new jobs trend toward technology, health care

Foreign language education and writing for the Internet also topped the study's list of growing fields.

Unpaid internships could jeopardize students' rights

Violations occur when companies that could offer compensation don't.

CASH program continues helping students

CASH helped to create more than 240 part-time positions on campus.

Nixon talks about 2010 jobs plan at Columbia visit

The governor toured high-tech companies in Kansas City and St. Louis.