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Nixon withholds funding for independent review commission of UM System

The commission, created by state Sen. Kurt Schaefer and led by MU contributor Jeanne Sinquefield and former UM System President Gary Forsee, will review the UM System’s policies and administrative structure.

Gubernatorial candidates discuss their plans for MU

In face of funding cuts and enrollment shrinking in MU, three gubernatorial candidates talk about their plans about MU.

Senator proposes review on UM System and for MU to make changes

“As we have seen what has unfolded at University of Missouri, things spinning out of hand and absolute lack of leadership,” Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, said.

MU Health Care unanimously votes to discontinue ‘refer and follow’

The “refer and follow” privileges of two medical providers were described as “outdated and unnecessary.”

Schaefer should focus on more pressing issues

The witch hunt against Planned Parenthood is alive and well

Mo. Senate reduces cuts to higher education

A Senate committee voted to cut less from higher education funding than originally proposed.

McDavid gives Fitness Awards to 16 Boone County residents

A special council picked the nominees.

Senate passes budget, cuts Ellis Fischel funds

The tuition freeze remains in effect for in-state undergraduates.

Republican candidates canvass in Columbia

Missouri NAACP arranged voters to speak with candidates

As Election Day nears, candidates answer questions from voters.As Election Day nears, candidates answer questions from voters.

Candidates push for progress in animal welfare

Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation hosted the event.

Columbia library hosts forum for local candidates

The forum featured candidates for three different local races.

Schaefer brings attorney background

He says his biggest triumph was a $179 million settlement with Ameren.

Senate candidates debate 'student curator' bill

Graham favors a vote, GOP rival Schaefer says the issue needs tweaking.

Graham, Schaefer worry about loan woes

Candidates, community members discuss health care, Medicaid cuts

State-run mental health care facilities cannot admit patients with some illnesses, such as dementia.

Rhetoric escalates in state Senate race

Democrat Chuck Graham and Republican Kurt Schaefer battle to bolster their party's numbers in the state Senate.