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“Thrifty budget” reduces overall MU law school debt by $25,000 since 2014

The financial aid office works with students on reducing living expenses with hopes that they graduate with significantly less debt.

Gaines Through Time: Fighting exclusion in the law community

Black law student Christopher Hamm: “I see Lloyd Gaines in every single black student that’s in law school. We’re not supposed to be here, and we are… I think we all kind of invoke his name every day we walk through the doors.”

Gary Myers to step down as School of Law dean after four years

Senior Associate Provost Ken Dean will serve as interim dean.

Law student starts petition to preserve historic downtown

The petition, which would create new zoning ordinances, has gained over 2,000 signatures to date.

School of Law, Center for Dispute Resolution hold symposium

The event brought people from all over the world.

Law school’s LL.M. Program changing leadership

The LL.M. Program in dispute resolution first began in 1999 and averages 20 students per school year.

School of Law calls Frankenstein to the stand

The school's Historical and Theatrical Trial Society produced the mock trial.

Law School expects fewer applications

Law school application rates are down 12 percent nationwide.

Bar Association considers dropping LSAT requirement

Law School Dean Lawrence Dessem said MU would make no immediate decisions on whether to keep the LSAT.

Curators discuss Law school rankings drop

The school has made changes to career services for students.

Harvard professor talks history at MU

Michael Klarman delivered seminar on landmark Brown v. Board decision.

MU law school not following national grade inflation trend, dean says

Students push for law school improvements

The Academic Affairs committee will discuss ideas for improvement with law school students.

Law school reacts to drop in rank

The school hosted focus groups to address student concerns.