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Through live webinars, The Legion of Black Collegians works to help campus remember and continue to learn from 2015 protests

Panelists spoke about their experiences with racism on campus and their memories of the 2015 protests.

The Legion of Black Collegians celebrates 50 years through Homecoming Week

LBC’s Homecoming Week, which was Oct. 14 through Oct. 20, showed LBC’s main goals of educating to create positive change and giving African-American students a way for their voices to be heard.

LBC, CSA and ASA kick off school year with “Welcome Black Block Party”

The LBC, CSA and ASA came together to unify their members with barbecue, music and dancing.

LBC incident reopens campus race dialogue

Freshman Autumn Clemons: “We’re not just yelling, we’re not just ranting, we’re not just going on about that type of stuff. We’re actually trying to get out a message, and I feel like that’s what people are actually missing.”

MU Police releases report of racist incident involving LBC members

Officers responding on Tuesday night said they heard shouting coming from the Delta Upsilon house, but they were unable to determine whether racial epithets were used by DU fraternity members.

Storify: Timeline of reactions to racist incident involving LBC members

Here's how campus responded to Tuesday's events.

Update: MUPD investigating harassment of LBC members

Two students were called the N-word and other obscenities outside of Delta Upsilon, which has been placed on emergency suspension.

Who represents you at MU: a guide to student governments

MSA controls a $1.6 million budget and LBC is the country’s only university-funded black student government. Find out more about these and other organizations.

Students vote to end joint session because of safety threats

Students left Tate Hall with their arms linked together and were escorted by police. Joint Session is rescheduled for Tuesday Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. at Schlundt Hall 103.

LBC Homecoming Queen talks about involvement, service and race relations

“I do see the divide on campus, and I do see how my presence on campus is political and the fact that there are a lot of people who don’t want me here or don’t see me fit to participate in Mizzou’s anything … I don’t necessarily feel welcome all the time,

LBC supports Homecoming protesters; administrators silent

The demonstration blocked UM President Tim Wolfe’s car in the homecoming parade.

MSA Senate unanimously passes supportive LBC resolution

According to the resolution, LBC Homecoming royalty is one of the many things that makes the campus more inclusive and reflects the need for self-preservation of non-majority students.

Organizations show support of Legion of Black Collegians

Many letters detailed student disappointment with administration in their lackluster response to previous racist incidents, including one involving MSA president Payton Head.

MUPD identifies suspect in racist incident at Traditions Plaza

The Office of Student Conduct “moved” the suspect from campus.

LBC Homecoming Royalty harassed at Traditions Plaza

The MU Police Department has identified the man involved.

Dear Chancellor Loftin, you’re not doing your job

This is the second time in a month that black students at your university have been disrespected in the cruelest of ways.

Student government joint session passes of five resolutions

Title IX Administrator Ellen Eardley opened the session by giving a speech

Meet the Legion of Black Collegians’ 2015 executive board

There are three juniors, two sophomores and four freshmen on LBC’s 2015 executive cabinet.

‘Intergroup dialogue course’ among students’ requests to improve race relations

Students requested administration to create an “intergroup dialogue course” and reevaluate the way it recruits underrepresented students.

All of us are responsible for campus culture

We should always be paying attention to our campus’ passionate advocates and taking advantage of campus resources.