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LBC Homecoming Queen talks about involvement, service and race relations

“I do see the divide on campus, and I do see how my presence on campus is political and the fact that there are a lot of people who don’t want me here or don’t see me fit to participate in Mizzou’s anything … I don’t necessarily feel welcome all the time,

MSA Senate unanimously passes supportive LBC resolution

According to the resolution, LBC Homecoming royalty is one of the many things that makes the campus more inclusive and reflects the need for self-preservation of non-majority students.

We must come to terms with our racist past

This is the most urgent and authentic reaction that Loftin has had to an incident of racism on MU’s campus.

Organizations show support of Legion of Black Collegians

Many letters detailed student disappointment with administration in their lackluster response to previous racist incidents, including one involving MSA president Payton Head.

MUPD identifies suspect in racist incident at Traditions Plaza

The Office of Student Conduct “moved” the suspect from campus.