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MU study finds lack of effective policy to protect pollinators

Pollinators are extremely important in food production and there is not adequate regulation or monitoring to ensure their protection.

Controversial Missouri religious freedom bill moves forward

The resolution, if passed, would make Missouri the first state to vote on a religious liberties amendment to the state constitution.

Nearly 40-hour filibuster not enough: Anti-LGBTQ legislation going to Missouri House floor

Missouri citizens will vote on the proposed amendment in an upcoming election if it passes through the House.

Bills introduced would legalize concealed carry on campuses

Senate Bill 731 would allow institutions to ban concealed carry, provided they have they have guards and “electronic weapons screening devices” at every entrance to all buildings on the property.

Proposed bill could diversify Board of Curators by profession

All six of the board’s members are lawyers.

Missouri legislators could bring changes to state campuses

One bill would allow permit holders to have concealed carry firearms on college campuses.

Wednesday’s veto session: All you need to know

The veto session will cover topics from the A+ Scholarship to minimum wage and insurance laws. It begins Wednesday at noon and could go as late as Thursday.

Bill seeks justice, security for sexual assault survivors across Missouri

Senate Bill 321 would provide survivors of sexual assault with an order of protection and revise the definition of stalking.

After Sam, Statehouse anti-discrimination legislation gains new life

With last week’s events fresh in their minds, equality advocates look ahead.

Proposed bill could change rights regarding DWIs

The ACLU opposes the so-called vampire provision.

Brooker bill aims to stop classroom bias

Students and officials said bias in the classroom isn't a problem.

Divided House passes health care reform

Decades of effort culminated in the bill’s passage.

Student loan reform passes with health bill

The bills were combined to allow reconciliation.

Mo. legislature considers red light camera ban

Columbia uses red light cameras to change driving behavior.

ASUM lobbies for pair of tenant bills

The bills would give transparency in protection for security deposits.

Missouri Senate considers state-wide green building standard

Committee debates implementing standards to increase sustainability.

K2 ban bill moves to Senate

The drug is viewed as a marijuana alternative.

Access Missouri task force debates scholarship division

The task force includes UM system President Gary Forsee.

Missouri bill proposes lower minimum wage for teens

Per the bill, teens would make 75 percent of state minimum wage.

Students turn out to debate Access Missouri

The proposed bill would equalize public and private school funding.