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LGBTQ history event showcases LGBTQ history at MU

MU’s LGBTQ Resource Center displayed events throughout LGBTQ history at the university

Transgender Empowerment and Awareness Week highlights the importance of transgender visibility and acceptance

The second week of November marked the beginning of Transgender Empowerment and Awareness Week, a series of events hosted to promote the visibility of transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming people.

The LGBTQ community celebrates their past and present with LGBTQ History Month and Coming Out Week

The month of October marks the commemoration of LGBTQ History Month, in which LGBTQ culture is acknowledged and reflected upon by the LGBTQ community.

Hateful comments on MU’s Pride Photo

The comments ironically prove the necessity of the LGBTQ Resource Center

Students, faculty come together to celebrate pride

"Drag is very celebratory of a character and a caricature in its performance whereas transgender is living your everyday life as you truly are," Struby Struble said.

The LGBT community and HIV

Social stigmas and discrimination are to blame for the lack of HIV awareness, not apathy among the LGBT community.

Missouri’s same-sex marriage ban declared unconstitutional

This is the third decision to expand Missouri marriage rights within the last two months.

An increasingly accepting Church

Following the demotion of Cardinal Raymond Burke, the Catholic Church is making significant steps toward accepting the LGBT community.

The bravery of Tim Cook

While the Apple CEO’s coming out was inspiring and brave, it has brought to light the issues of coming out as a public figure.

Understanding trans etiquette

Being kind and using correct pronouns are essential when interacting with people who are transgender.

The ongoing LGBT struggle

The complaint against an affectionate same-sex couple went too far

A long way from done

Marriage equality is not the only kind of LGBTQ equality that we need to be fighting for

Same-sex marriages performed in other states now valid in Missouri

Attorney General Koster said the ruling will help businesses in Missouri.

Same-sex spouses to be recognized in city retirement plans

Council voted Sept. 15 to recognize same-sex spouses as beneficiaries.

A step in the right direction

Missouri still has a long way to go when it comes to same-sex marriage.

Missouri’s fight for equality

It’s time for Missouri to legalize same-sex marriage

LGBTQIA+ community distorted by media

The media’s bias toward “heteronormativity” is a concerning problem in our society that must be addressed.

Attempting to convert the unconvertible

Gay conversion therapy is not only ridiculous, but extremely harmful to young people everywhere.

Misusing ‘gay’

People need to educate themselves on the differences between gay and LGBT.

Gender is not binary

Restricting people to an assigned role in life is not acceptable