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MSA vice presidential candidate Tori Schafer talks about her love for politics and advocacy

Schafer: “I think that having the ability to make peace with your voice is a powerful thing.”

MU library looks for new ways to improve after fee failed

Matt Gaunt, director of advancement for MU Libraries: “I think a lot of undergraduates don’t know what they’re missing. You don’t understand what kind of services and information literacy skills are being developed by students at other universities.”

MU students fail library fee

After months of controversy, students decided that funding the library should not be entirely their responsibility.

Regardless of the result, the library fee referendum is unfair to students

The vote is a decision between two negative outcomes.

Outgoing MU Director of Libraries urges students to say “yes” to the proposed library fee

"Your libraries are the ONLY academic division on campus that does NOT have a designated student fee."

Our wishlist for MU’s new $1.3 billion campaign

Ellis Library, the Counseling Center and graduate students all deserve prioritization.

MU libraries look at long-term solutions for funding issues

Inflation of journal costs contributes to library funding problems.

Library deficits deepen

Libraries to buy fewer books