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Maneater Long Reads: A Dance to Remember

“For the Kids” is more than a mindset. It’s a lifestyle for the numerous MizzouThon members who put in much more than the 13.1 hours devoted to the main event.

Project of the Week: No Fun, All Joy

The Maneater looks back at a past project in light of the two-year anniversary of the University Village balcony collapse.

Maneater Long Reads: On the Record

A special section of The Maneater that explores five of Columbia's recording studios which cater to a range of genres and artists.

Maneater Long Reads: A Poetic Life

MU alum Walter Bargen reflects on his experiences as Missouri’s first poet laureate.

Maneater Long Reads: A Sideline Stand

Revisit how a group of collegiate football players used its platform for change.

Maneater Long Reads: Work Hard, Play Loud

Led by its drum majors, MU’s marching band continues a 130-year tradition.

Maneater Long Reads: Leadership Culture

There's a perceived overlap in student leadership positions, but the explanation is more complicated than favoritism, and programs are working to bring equality to their hiring processes.

Maneater Long Reads: Working While Female

Women are underrepresented in city of Columbia leadership positions, and they are paid proportionately less. The issue isn’t clear cut, though — and city leadership is working to bridge the gender gap.

Maneater Long Reads: Accessibility in Greektown

While some fraternity and sorority houses have been updated, many remain inaccessible to students with physical disabilities.

Maneater Long Reads: The Best of Friends

Living with a disability often leaves people feeling ostracized by society and alone. Sarah and Bennett don’t feel like that anymore.

Maneater Long Reads: But you don't look sick

Chronic illnesses often leave students feeling alone, something senior Farah El-Jayyousi hoped to change with her club, Chronically Awesome.