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Local defense attorney speaks at Know Your Rights event centering on police encounters

Defense attorney Dan Viets went over what to do when speaking with a police officer at your dorm or on the road.

Legalize Mizzou hopes to change both laws and stigmas around drug usage

MU NORML President Aaron Ladd: “It’s unfortunate that they are censoring our message like this because Missouri already has some [cannabidiol] laws, so it’s not an illegal substance.”

Explainer: MUPD, CPD follow different procedures for marijuana possession

MUPD is commissioned by both the state of Missouri and the city of Columbia, giving it dual jurisdiction and the ability to bypass the city ordinance that prevents those with a marijuana misdemeanor from being detained.

Democratic Lt. Gov candidate pushes for medical marijuana

Revenue from cures found at the facility would go toward bridge infrastructure, grants for college, health care, and tax refunds for Missourians.

Jeff Mizanskey spent over a third of his life in prison

It’s been seven weeks since Jeff Mizanskey was released and he said his fondest memories have been spending time with his family and friends.

Initiative petition hopes to legalize medical marijuana

Student organizations hope to amend local ordinances to allow the cultivation of cannabis.

Ray’s arrest an injustice, hurts NFL future

City Council votes ‘no’ on Columbia marijuana ordinance

“I think the proper way to do this is at the state level,” Mayor Bob McDavid said.

Council tables marijuana ordinance

Councilmembers opted to suspend the vote to allow for referrals from advisory commissions and boards.

Columbia considers decriminalizing marijuana cultivation

Students arrested for drug trafficking

The students also had more than $23,000 in cash.

What to do if you’re stopped by a cop

The Maneater gets a primer on search rights from Columbia attorney Dan Viets.

City Council hears requests to change cannabis laws

Residents spoke out at the last City Council meeting to ask members to consider relaxing city ordinances on the drug.

Despite bills, Missouri still far from marijuana reform

Rep. Chris Kelly, D-Columbia, said he would support marijuana legalization.

Marijuana legalization is important issue for our time

NORML panel calls for marijuana legalization

The guest speakers promoted activism in addition to legislation.

Deputies find marijuana plants during disturbance call

The plants were discovered in a bedroom.

Misconduct, marijuana to be discussed in CPRB

The board will discuss search warrants at their next meeting.

NORML conference brings state and national speakers to MU

The speakers discussed medical marijuana legalization in Missouri.

Whitworth family denies city counterclaim in SWAT raid lawsuit

The city denied all the Whitworths’ allegations in its response.