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Missouri politicians assess, clean up Joplin damage

Missouri politicians took a day to tour the damage following the tornado in Joplin.

Racial profiling initiative making way to 2012 ballot

More than 90,000 registered voters signed the initiative, qualifying it for a statewide vote.

Bill concerning redistricting map goes to Senate floor

The state House passed another map reducing Missouri's nine districts to eight.

Nursing Education Incentive Program bill passes through Missouri House

The bill would provide more scholarship money and funding for nurses.

Still claims legislative proposals will modernize taxes, increase state revenues

One proposal would allegedly reduce the budget shortfall by about 25 percent.

Missouri NAACP arranged voters to speak with candidates

As Election Day nears, candidates answer questions from voters.As Election Day nears, candidates answer questions from voters.

Candidates push for progress in animal welfare

Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation hosted the event.

Family life steered Mary Still toward politics

Supporters say the candidate is an advocate for students.