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Tag: Missouri Department of Higher Education

Bright Flight scholars receive less money than originally awarded by state

Bright Flight scholars will not know until April or May whether they will receive the rest of their promised scholarship amount.

Missouri General Assembly seeks to offer virtual schooling

The bill is currently still being worked on.

Webber appointed ranking member of Higher Education Appropriations Committee

The committee discusses issues regarding higher education funding in Missouri.

Spain-Johanson report targets Missouri tuition

According to the report, MU tuition has nearly doubled since 1994 and loans make up almost 70 percent of all financial aid in Missouri.

McKee, Waters, Mumford renovations remain unfunded

Renovations for McKee, Waters and Mumford could take a while to begin as the state legislature debates funding.

Nixon proposes 12.5 percent cut to higher education

Schools would lose funding from the state’s general revenue fund.

State still eyes Nixon’s goal for more college graduates

Nixon said an increase in college graduates will benefit the Missouri economy.