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Higher education budget measure passes both Missouri chambers

The measure restores the $68.1 million previously cut from higher education.

Missouri House fails controversial religious freedom bill

After a 40-hour filibuster in March and a four-hour public testimony April 12, the bill failed.

Amendment could increase protection of human trafficking victims

Missouri’s Safe at Home program could see an extension that will give confidential addresses to victims of human trafficking.

Missouri lawmakers react to Wolfe’s, Loftin’s resignation

Following the resignations of former UM System President Tim Wolfe and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin, several Missouri lawmakers issued statements of support.

Undocumented immigrants further discouraged from attending Missouri colleges

Some say recent legislation is a matter of discrimination, not lack of funding.

The city and statewide efforts to lessen the gender pay gap are notable steps in the right direction.

Senate bill 144 and city wage changes have been a huge steps in the right direction - but there’s still work to do.

Legislation to punish those using other people’s IDs

Individuals can purchase a new ID in Columbia for just $11.

Sexual orientation non-discrimination bill essential for Missouri

Protecting the rights of citizens should be Missouri’s first priority, and passing this bill would cement this belief.

Missouri takes step toward LGBT acceptance

HB 407 would revise the definition of discrimination to protect against the discrimination of various sexual orientations and gender identities.

Missouri Promise aims to pay tuition for some students

The plan would be funded by raising the tax on tobacco.

Three separate bills considered to regulate TNCs

Senate Bill 351, House Bill 792 and House Bill 781 all work to create a statewide set of regulations for Transportation Network Companies.

Abuse of an unborn child bill considered by Missouri legislature

House Bill 1284 would make the abuse either a class C or class B felony, depending on use.

State legislation would advance transphobia

House Bills 1338 and 1339 would eliminate state funding for public institutions that have gender-neutral bathrooms.

Updated anti-bullying legislation being heard in Missouri Senate

Cyberbullying, communication of policies addressed in the new bills.

Gender-neutral bathrooms a ‘no go’ for Missouri legislator

House Bills 1338 and 1339 would limit funding for gender-neutral environments.

Bill hopes to address gender pay gap

The bill, sponsored by State Rep. Stephen Webber, D-Columbia, would create guidelines to ensure equal pay.

Permanent daylight saving possible for Missouri

A state representative proposed a referendum to amend the Missouri Constitution.

Plastic bag ban off the table, for now

The debate pits convenience and practicality against environmental concerns.

Missouri lawmakers introduce photo ID requirements

MU students could become disfranchised should proposed legislation pass.

After Ferguson, state lawmaker introduces special-prosecutor bill

The proposed bill seeks to eliminate prosecutor bias.