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Breaking down the proposed $35 student fee

The largest portions of the proposed student activities fee to go toward expanded counseling staff and library hours.

MSA calls on administrators to sign It’s On Us pledge

GPC President Rachel Bauer: “We are serious about holding students accountable. We want the administration to take this seriously, and we want them to publicly say they signed on our campus to the campaign.”

UPDATE: BEC issues three infractions, two repealed

Both Earl/Schafer and Hutchinson/Ghuman’s infractions were dismissed on March 2.

MSA President Payton Head steps back into office

Head and Vega will serve in office while the student body selects its next MSA president and vice president, who will be chosen through a special election process.

Students still find ways to smoke in face of Tobacco 21 ordinance

Despite the Tobacco 21 ordinance, students still find ways to obtain tobacco products and local businesses continue to sell to them.

STORIFY: MSA presidential slates respond to campus climate

Voting for this year’s election opens tomorrow at 5 p.m.

Twitter users respond to the MSA debate

The debate, which was held by The Maneater and Four Front, was from 4-6 p.m. Oct. 23 in Ellis Auditorium.

Former MSA chief of staff dismissed due to “professional differences”

Barnes served as interim chief of staff since June and was confirmed on Sept. 9.

New MSA auxiliaries secretary wants to ‘set the bar even higher’

Earl was unanimously appointed by both MSA President Payton Head and Vice President Brenda Smith-Lezama.

Junior Kelcea Barnes named interim MSA chief of staff

The junior will take over for Cara Hartwig, who is interning with Goldman Sachs in New York this summer.

MSA budget passes for fiscal year 2016

The Missouri Students Association’s $1.6 million budget passes while improving the relations with Senate and the executive cabinet.

MSA vice president arrested in connection to an unpaid speeding ticket

“There is a learning curve that comes with the process of becoming an adult,” Smith-Lezama said.

MSA, ASUM-UMKC testify against HB 104

MSA passed a resolution Wednesday night opposing the passage of House Bill 104.

MSA senators defend MSA chair pay, Craft Studio

Extra money in the MSA budget will go to smaller organizations and Senate Speaker Kevin Carr pushes for higher chair pay in the 2016 MSA budget.

Senate resolution to endorse Phillips dismissed

During full senate, the MSA adviser Farouk Aregbe also spoke out against the resolution.

MSA senator voices concerns over committee’s progress on pedestrian safety

Wasowicz said the process is taking longer than expected.

MSA won't cancel ‘American Sniper’ screening

A March 3 letter to the editor asked DSA to not show the film, and that “an official, public apology and explanation be issued by all parties involved in approving the screening of American Sniper on Mizzou's campus.”

MSA budget enters committees

Smith-Lezama and Vega said they worked closer than the executive and legislative branches had in previous years.

MU signs on to take ‘It’s On Us’ pledge

‘It’s On Us,’ the national campaign for sexual assault prevention, will branch off of ‘Enough is Enough’ under MSA president’s leadership.

MSA says 'It’s on Us'

MSA will host another event April 18 as part of “It’s On Us.” Sen. Claire McCaskill will be attending.