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Mizzou Alternative Breaks partners with MU Extension

MU Extension also announced a new scholarship to help volunteers with financial need.

Mizzou Alternative Breaks plans spring trips around 2020 goal

Mizzou Alternative Breaks shapes plans for upcoming spring trips around its 2020 goal to serve 114 counties in Missouri.

Lydia Ghuman talks about social justice advocacy and her changed view of MSA

Ghuman: “If you help the most marginalized group in any community, it’s going to help the most privileged as well. We are all tied together.”

Mizzou Alternative Breaks celebrates 25th anniversary

MAB Director of Community Outreach Kaylyn Shinault: “It’s funny how in 1991, we went on three trips. It’s fascinating because that’s just proof of how powerful service can be.”

Mizzou Alternative Breaks students reflect on their winter experiences

Freshman Ola Babalola: “We aren’t going to change the community in one week, but we are a smaller portion of a bigger change.”

Meet Mizzou’s wishmaker, Hai Kim

Kim created Mizzou Wishmakers and has helped Mizzou Alternative Breaks grow and evolve.