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Mizzou College Democrats and ASUM host debate watch party

Mizzou College Democrats and ASUM held a debate watch party in Leadership Auditorium.

Mizzou College Democrats aims to stimulate healthy political discourse on campus

Mizzou College Democrats, while not sponsoring campaigns during primaries, offers opportunities for its members to get involved in local and national races

Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders rising in the presidential polls

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is gaining national attention for his socialistic ideals, and his support is rising as Hillary Clinton’s is dropping.

Columbia Pachyderms president under fire for objectifying tweet

Columbia Pachyderms President Fred Berry tweeted about his view of the “Delta Gamma VNB’s,” which the Mizzou College Democrats interpreted to mean “very nice butts.”

Mizzou Democrats offer opportunities for political involvement, education

The organization hosts both discussion-based and panel meetings to inform students on political issues, no matter their beliefs.

MU organizations allow for political education and involvement

Students can utilize resources on campus to learn about and get involved with local, state and national politics.

NAACP, others host political forum in Ellis Auditorium

The hashtag #KnowForNov was used to field audience questions during the event, though many waited until the end to ask the individuals questions.

Mizzou Democrats host talks on education solutions

The speakers focused on federal and state education legislation.

Mizzou College Democrats Exec Board wants to ‘promote change’

The Mizzou College Democrats hosted a State of the Union Watch party and discussed plans for the new semester.

Students respond to Ann Coulter’s racially-charged remark

Coulter said, “Our blacks are better than their blacks.”