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Tag: Mizzou in Review 2012-13

Top 5 concerts

MOVE recounts the top five concerts to grace Columbia this past school year.

MU Compliments spreads positivity on campus

Top 5 times I was embarrassed to go here

Top 5 donations

Top 5 organization events

Top 5 times I wish we weren’t in the SEC

Fans were excited to see Missouri in a new conference, but many of Missouri’s teams found themselves outmatched.

Top 5 celebrity visits

Sears influential in sharing ideas, forming communities

McLean worked to educate, register students

McLean said she was most proud of the voter registration.

Dixon leaves following rape allegations

Without the senior guard, the men’s basketball team suffered in last-minute situations.

Dance Marathon's budget, accountability improve under Khan

Khan had no prior experience in budget making before his work with Dance Marathon.

Teamwork key for Phillips as ASB president

ASB added 13 more trips since Spring Break 2012.

Tigers continue success into 2012-2013 season

The Missouri wrestling team tied a school record with five All-Americans, winning the MAC Championship and Smith winning MAC Coach of the Year.

Thomas’ pitching, improved hitting have made Missouri softball dominant

The two-time All-American broke the school record for most career wins with her 103rd on April 19.

MU shines in field of scientific research

MU researchers made significant developments across scientific disciplines this year.

Let Your Vote Roar registers students to vote

The campaign registered 5,000 students.

A food assistance program for students, by students

The pantry has distributed 15,500 pounds of food since October.

Transition of UM Press to MU major Faculty Council issue

Initial plans for the UM Press upset a large number of people.

MSA President Twitter was an embarrassment

The Twitter account was used for personal, unprofessional purposes.

Most unnecessary: luxury student housing

The housing trend is stunting our maturity and sucking up our money.