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Mizzou in Review 2015–16

The best and the worst of this unforgettable year.

Biggest Embarrassment: The Missouri Students Association

Top 5 Words of the Year

From “concerned” to “muscle,” these are the words that capture the year at MU.

Most influential students: Haden Gomez

Most influential students: Payton and Kandice Head

MSA Mayhem: Top 5 MSA moments

Best student achievement: Ousting the presidents

Former MSA presidential candidate Syed Ejaz: “Our student body cares about a lot of things, but oftentimes just doesn’t do much. (In) those moments when push comes to shove, I think that in general, a lot of people will come together.”

Top 5: CoMo’s best new businesses

It’s been a good year for business.

Most Influential: The Missouri football team

A boycott on Nov. 7 sent a story into the national spotlight.

Biggest Let Down: Mizzou revenue sports

Both the football and men’s basketball teams finished with losing records.

Most Influential Students: Eric Scott and Connor Lewis

The co-chairmen of the Coalition of Graduate Workers have led the campuswide drive to unionize graduate student workers.

Most Influential Students: Jonathan Butler

Butler’s hunger strike fueled protests that led to the resignation of UM System President Tim Wolfe.

Mizzou in Review: Top five WTF moments

From a fired professor to a leaked confidential letter, MU ended up in some bizarre situations this year.

Top 5 technology fails

Five times technology backfired for MU students and administration.

Biggest Buzzkill: Effects of low enrollment

MU’s struggle to attract freshmen has led to budget shortages and closed residence halls.

Most influential: Tim Tai

Associate journalism professor Clyde Bentley: “There were many others who would have gotten into a knock-down, drag-out fight, but he was much like a diplomat.”

Biggest Disappointment: Administrative responses last fall

It may be hard to have certain conversations, but it’s easier than having the two top administrators resign within 12 hours of each other.

Biggest frustration: Missouri Legislature

From dubiously motivated witch hunts to politically influenced legislation, Missouri lawmakers frustrated us.

Biggest steps forward: diversity initiatives

After making national news for campus protests and resignations, the university took significant steps to improve campus diversity.

Top 5: Sports moments of the year

From national champions to emotional wins, Mizzou sports fans had plenty to cheer about.