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Gender-based flag football rules cause a stir for some MU students

Several of MizzouRec’s co-recreational flag football rules are in question, including one designating more points for a touchdown scored by a female than a male.

Switch up your MizzouRec routine with TigerX classes

There are endless ways to get your grind on, whether you’re searching for zen or a high-intensity pump session.

Timid to toned: Becoming a TigerX instructor

TigerX instructors are also students, ready to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Fall Fest welcomes new and returning students

The event connected students with local Columbia businesses, student organizations and local groups.

MizzouThon breaks yet another record

The annual dance marathon MizzouThon raised $201,322.68 for MU Children’s NICU, as part of a new pledge to raise $1,000,000 within the next five years.

Student-led philanthropy sets high goal ‘for the kids’

The grand total amount of money raised at this year’s MizzouThon dance marathon will be revealed during the final hour of the event.

MOVE’s tips for relieving stress

Feel like your brain is about to explode? Read MOVE’s tips for reducing stress.

MizzouRec rock wall’s fate uncertain

Dahlmann said the overcrowding in Pump Room has prompted talks about possibly removing the wall.

MizzouRec starts off the semester with improvements, renovations

More than 30 new cardio machines and 96 new lockers are available for use at the Jungle Gym.

Keep your 2014 resolutions

MU has plenty of resources to help you create a better you this year.

People of Columbia

A MizzouRec employee and a classical music lover

Watch your step at the Rec

The squeaky clean MizzouRec may not be so shiny after all.

Rec Center receives national recognition

The Student Recreation Complex also received national recognition from Sports Illustrated in 2005.