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Maneater Long Reads: Reaching for Rio

The Maneater looks into 13 Missouri Tigers with a chance to make the Olympics and the process to get there.

Kira Larson brings strength to MU volleyball team

The sophomore from Nebraska brings important skills to the MU volleyball team.

For Molly Kreklow, the full scouting report

Sure, she’s possibly the best setter in the country, but she’s not the best at everything.

For Molly Kreklow, they’re not there yet

After No. 7 Missouri’s 25-0 season-opening run, the story is still unfolding.

For Molly Kreklow, the best option

Seniors Lisa Henning and Molly Kreklow have build the foundation on which undefeated No. 11 Missouri stands.

For Molly Kreklow, everlasting inspiration

Behind the glamor and pressure of leading a nationally-recognized and undefeated volleyball team, Kreklow reminds herself that she’s still playing a game for fun — and it only makes her better.

For Molly Kreklow, a team effort

The setter has lead the Missouri volleyball team to its best start in the last eight years, but she won’t take full credit for it.

For Molly Kreklow, home and the road

As the Tigers travel to Yale then Rice, Kreklow reflects on her journey from Minnesota to Missouri.

For Molly Kreklow, the beginning of the end

Senior setter prepares for her last season of volleyball after a storied career.