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‘Cobra Kai’ takes Advantage of Nostalgia during Hard Times

Netflix’s new investment in Youtube Red’s previously owned Karate Kid continuation ‘Cobra Kai’ proves to be a success due to nostalgia and new exposure.

Even in a pandemic, Ragtag Cinema's shows must Go On

C-Deck: While people are cautious of sitting in theaters, Ragtag offers an alternative method to watch artistic film.

REVIEW: “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” is a chaotic jumble of confusion

Charlie Kaufman’s psychological thriller has a creatively eccentric style, coupled with a nonsensical storyline

REVIEW: “Words on Bathroom Walls” tackles schizophrenia with authenticity

Thor Freudenthal’s drama exposes the terror the disorder can bring, combined with moments of hopefulness.

The Ultimate List of Autumn Movies to put you in the Spooky Spirit

With fall right around the corner, here are a few spooky films to fill up your unexpectedly free schedule.

‘Shazam!’ pulls off light-hearted DC film

The DCEU’s best film to date has come in the form of a fun coming-of-age story.

‘The Beach Bum’ should be way funnier

The long-awaited Harmony Korine project is here to bring moviegoers an hour and a half of Matthew McConaughey cackling on the verge of a blackout.

Exploring the hidden meanings of ‘Us’

Jordan Peele’s sophomore film is packed with rich cultural touchstones.

‘The Commons’ captures protests of UNC Confederate statue

The documentary highlights the protests to remove the University of North Carolina’s Confederate monument following the Charlottesville riots.

LARP is more than just role-play in ‘The Magic Life of V’

A young woman deals with her childhood trauma through live action role-playing.

Best and worst of awards season 2019

An awards season narrative with new developments every day is reflective of an industry in transition.

Ragtag presented ‘Gravity’ with insight into its production

The film comments on the nature of danger, our will to live and the power our minds have over any situation.

Movies that flew under radar in 2018

In another year, a less crowded field or maybe a different world altogether, these dark horse contenders might’ve been nominated.

‘High Flying Bird’ creates compelling drama out of negotiations

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the new Netflix drama takes on the hypocrisies of the sports industry and reckons with Netflix’s place in the movie business.

What’s hot at Sundance 2019

Amazon took control of the market this year, spending a record $47 million while other studios like Fox Searchlight remained relatively quiet.

‘Cold War’ finds musical romance in post-World War II Poland

Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, the Polish musical is technically stunning but somewhat emotionally reserved.

‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ is a disappointing fragment of a thriller

Despite stellar performances from an all-star cast, the film tediously follows a lackluster storyline teeming with gore and jump scares.

A revitalization has come to the comic book industry for various reasons

Comic books aren't leaving any time soon, and we might even be entering another golden age.

‘Green Book’ Review: When southern prejudice forces two different men to work together

On a journey in the South as a black pianist with a white driver, the men are pushed to understand each other and grow to appreciate their differences.

MOVE Magazine’s most anticipated films of 2019

Exciting follow-ups and fresh independent work fuel this year’s upcoming films.