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Five takeaways from the second MSA presidential debate

Solomon Davis spoke on a virtual mental health visit program, while Jennifer Sutterer outlined a program for income-sharing agreements.

‘All In Mizzou’ aims for transparency at MU

The campaign introduced ideas such as an MSA email database and a new bike share system.

‘Show Your Stripes’ takes stance on Greek life, academic technology

The slate hopes to introduce an opioid-overdose antidote to campus and push back against proposed changes to Greek life.

The Briefing: Top university administrators meet with MSA senators about health system change

The Oct. 9 session focused on efforts by an outside consulting group and university administrators to improve student health care at MU.

MU student volunteers organize voter registration event for National Voter Registration Day

MU organizations collaborated in helping students register to vote for the midterms.

In coming back to school, Jeffrey Ford sees a second chance

Ford, 55, just started his first year at MU, and he’s just one of many older adults returning to college.

The Briefing: MSA confirms 22 positions in first full senate meeting

They confirmed 19 at-large senators and three upper-level positions.

MSA mock senate session emphasizes procedural education

The session, which was the first of its kind for the MSA Senate, aimed to teach senate rules to prospective senators before they join the legislature.

Missouri Students Association plans to create council tailored for incoming freshmen

The council will serve as a way for freshmen to get leadership experience prior to entering MSA

Wopata, McAteer and Addington inaugurated as MSA president, vice president and speaker

The More to Roar slate was officially sworn into office during a small ceremony in the Student Center.

MSA president-elect hopes to connect with as many students as possible

Julia Wopata plans on using her love for people to govern as student body president

The Briefing: Wopata and McAteer voted MSA president and VP

Julia Wopata and Connor McAteer won with a vote of 1,333 to 170.

MSA budget passes in full senate

The 2019 budget totaled $1,123,190, $347,670 less than the 2018 budget.

MSA senate bill passes to remove five auxiliaries from MSA control

The five auxiliaries no longer under MSA are KCOU, MUTV, MSA/GPC Box Office, MSA/GPC Tech and Student Legal Services.

Top five takeaways from final MSA presidential debate

Presidential candidates Robert Schmidt and Julia Wopata debated MSA issues at the second and final debate.

Frequently asked questions for upcoming MSA election

Here are the top six things you need to know for the upcoming MSA election.

Top five takeaways from first MSA presidential debate

The two presidential slates, Wopata/McAteer and Schmidt/Kahveci, debated MSA and social justice issues at the first MSA presidential debate.

Wopata/McAteer slate makes bid in MSA presidential election

Operating under “More to Roar,” the Wopata/McAteer slate aims to build a safe and inclusive community for all MU students.

Schmidt/Kahveci slate enters MSA presidential election

Schmidt and his running mate, Alp Kahveci, are running under the slogan “Mizzou for You.”

The Briefing: MSA special presidential election campaigning starts off slow

Candidates chose not to release their platforms during the first week of campaigning.