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COLUMN: “Poolgate”: Tretter jumps headlong into hot waters

Anthony Tretter’s handling of his COVID-19 controversy is so bizarre, he is either living on a different plane of reality or trying to make fools out of us.

MSA COVID-19 bill passed in special session to address student concerns

Among other demands, the new bill calls for increased transparency and a revamped approach to COVID-19 on campus.

First MSA Senate meeting addresses student concerns on COVID-19, MSA President controversy

First MSA Senate meeting addresses student concerns on COVID-19, MSA President controversy

BREAKING: MSA reschedules the MSA presidential election and student media funding referendum for March 9 to 11

The connection between the voting website and its database caused the voting system to not work.

Anthony Tretter and Kara Hjerstedt look to lead MSA with their More For Mizzou platform

Prepare for the March election by knowing the candidates.

Campaign Tradition for Tomorrow focuses on revamping MU’s traditions to be more inclusive

Trey Cook and Alaina Vacante are running for president and vice president under their campaign titled Tradition for Tomorrow.

MSA discusses final plans before the new administration takes over

The end of MSA’s current administration is fast approaching and they are working to finish any remaining details like a new program for students with disabilities.

Step Forward Mizzou ends campaign in MSA presidential race

The campaign stated in an email Wednesday morning they are dropping out for personal reasons.

MSA presidential debate recap: candidates give their takes on student issues

The debate, hosted by The Maneater, had all three slates share their views on issues like student mental health and inclusivity.

MSA town hall addresses Mizzou Athletics tweet, student representation on campus

MSA used the town hall to learn about student perspectives on campus issues. Many students mentioned they were frustrated with MSA’s apparent lack of communication with minority student organizations.

Social justice committee of MSA advocates minority student interests at MU

The social justice committee of MSA proposes and passes legislation focused on improving the experience of minority students at MU.

National Voter Registration Day at MU pushes students to register to vote

ASUM and MSA come together to organize National Voter Registration Day event at MU to educate and register students to vote Sept. 24.

MSA’s first all-female led administration looks to create a legacy of outreach

MSA president, Jennifer Sutterer, and MSA vice president, Mary O’Brien, talk about growing up together and what they hope to accomplish atop the MSA in the next year.

MSA aims to increase membership through holding town halls, among new plans

MSA towns halls and committee meetings to allow more open-ended conversations and questions with students.

Person on the street: virtual student IDs

Last year, MSA encouraged MU to look into implementing virtual student IDs. We asked students for their thoughts on this.

Julia Wopata reflects on her year as MSA president

As her term comes to an end, Wopata reflected on things her administration accomplished, including holding officials accountable about mental health and becoming more transparent to the student body.

Solomon Davis reacts to MSA presidential election results

Davis saw fault with the election process, but he plans to implement his platform as chair of the external affairs committee.

Sutterer and O’Brien’s first initiative will be getting NARCAN on campus

Newly elected MSA president and vice president are tackling getting NARCAN on campus as their first initiative and have plans to start on income sharing agreements and putting the counseling center online by the summer.

Five takeaways from the second MSA presidential debate

Solomon Davis spoke on a virtual mental health visit program, while Jennifer Sutterer outlined a program for income-sharing agreements.

‘All In Mizzou’ aims for transparency at MU

The campaign introduced ideas such as an MSA email database and a new bike share system.