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MSA COVID-19 bill passed in special session to address student concerns

Among other demands, the new bill calls for increased transparency and a revamped approach to COVID-19 on campus.

MSA uses ‘one-time’ funding to increase feminine hygiene products’ accessibility around campus

MSA’s recent efforts toward accessible feminine hygiene products focuses on placing items in bathrooms across campus.

MSA will allocate $5,000 to Big MO Foundation

The drum will be the world's largest.

MSA commits $25,000 to live tigers

The organization will spend $5,000 per year for five years to sponsor zoos' tiger exhibits.

MSA committee backs zero tolerance for hate crimes

The legislation looks to define hate crimes within MU's policy book.

MSA shakes up election bylaws

The Board of Elections Commissioners aimed to address problems confronted in 2010's MSA presidential election.

MSA, BEC to make changes in election process

The changes were proposed after judicial issues delayed this year's election.

MSA Senate votes to oppose Prop 2 Taser ban

The proposition makes it a misdemeanor for anyone in Columbia to use a Taser.

MSA discontinues fund-matching for KCOU, MUTV

The new legislation says MSA will match up to $20,000 for each outlet.

MSA adds student conduct advising position

The position would advise students and participate in MSA court hearings.

MSA proposes webcams in dining halls, Rec Center

Live feeds would allow students to check crowd levels from home.

MSA approves Tiger Watch

A neighborhood watch and crosswalk were proposed to improve campus safety.