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Frequently asked questions for upcoming MSA election

Here are the top six things you need to know for the upcoming MSA election.

Wopata/McAteer slate makes bid in MSA presidential election

Operating under “More to Roar,” the Wopata/McAteer slate aims to build a safe and inclusive community for all MU students.

Schmidt/Kahveci slate enters MSA presidential election

Schmidt and his running mate, Alp Kahveci, are running under the slogan “Mizzou for You.”

Community reacts to Gomez/Hanner misconduct

Legion of Black Collegians’ letter: “It is clear now that those involved with this campaign have no intent of helping to eradicate the bigoted and racist problems that have plagued this campus and greater community for so long.”

MSA, BEC need to institute election reform

Now that the election is over, it’s time to learn from this fiasco.

The Maneater endorses Ejaz/Parrie for MSA

The Ejaz/Parrie platform, “Mizzou Together,” offers the most promising future for MU.

MSA presidential debates announced

The slates will discuss a variety of topics covering social justice issues, student affordability, campus safety and more.

BEC handbook changes to be voted after delays

One change Henderson proposed requires all participants to attend a debriefing event.

MSA presidential report card: Mason Schara and Kelsey Haberberger

The Maneater assesses the collective terms of our past two presidents, including their transparency and the effectiveness of their programs.

The Maneater endorses Artis/O’Brien for MSA

The Artis/O’Brien platform, "Join In," gives us concrete plans for the future of MSA and the undergraduate student body.

BEC handbook passed after talks of reform, but under time constraints

A number of amendments to the handbook seek to deregulate the MSA presidential election and promote “more competition,” BEC chairman Derek Chung said.

Droege, Beattie win MSA election

The slate won with 84 percent of votes.

Polls for MSA election open as remaining slates wait

Polling locations, which are a new election feature, might increase voter turnout.

The Maneater endorses MSA slate Droege/Beattie

Maass, Catalano issued second major infraction by the BEC

The BEC issued a second major infraction after the terms of the first infraction were violated.

MSA presidential slate issued major infraction

Spencer Maass and Shelby Catalano accepted the major infraction issued to them.

MSA presidential slates discuss diversity at final debate

The Maass/Catalano slate did not attend the debate.

Maass/Catalano targets women with new ad

The ad features a silhouette of a woman in a seductive pose.

MSA presidential slates work to be accountable to students

The three slates want to fulfill their campaign promises.

MSA presidential slates address campus safety

Slates plan to make campus better lit and educate students about safe walks home.