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Tag: MSA Presidential Election 2013

Students elect Schara, Haberberger for MSA president and vice president

Schara and Haberberger ran a campaign centered on open and frequent communication across campus.

Slates come together in final debate before election

The slates emphasized heightened communication for MSA.

Major-Paterson no longer on MSA presidential ballot

The slate did not provide 500 valid signatures.

BEC changes rule after finding Schara-Haberberger not guilty of infraction

Schara-Haberbeger made buttons through The Craft Studio.

MSA slate exchanges social media buzz for philanthropy money

Schara said the purpose is to create a competition among sororities.

Candidates faced off at first MSA debate

The next debate will be Nov. 7.

Twitter reactions: MSA Presidential Debate

The slates debated. The students tweeted. Here are a few of MOVE's favorite live tweets from this afternoon's MSA Presidential Debate:

Schara-Haberberger slate focuses on “Connecting Mizzou Stripes”

The four pillars of their campaign are outreach, transparency, awareness and re-strengthening.

Major-Paterson slate emphasizes student involvement in creating A Better Mizzou

The slate had an announcement event on Oct. 23.

Major continues MSA candidacy after offensive, two-year-old tweets surface

“The person who wrote those tweets is not who I am now,” Major said.

Blackburn-Hickox slate runs for MSA with message of unity

The slate focuses on spirit, connection and advocacy.