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Special election will set a precedent

Students’ trust towards MSA is about to be tested once again.

After enduring hardships, MSA presidential candidate McFarland looks to make a difference at MU

Ever since he was young, he has loved working in the community and making a difference.

MSA presidential candidate Haden Gomez shares his love for nature, music, Greek Life

Gomez gives the student body the chance to get to know him outside of his MSA campaign

MSA presidential candidate Ejaz says goodbye to the committee he helped transform

“Leaving CCRC was like leaving home,” he said.

MSA vice presidential candidate Jonathan Segers talks volunteering, family background

“There’s a lot of kids that are told they’re not good enough by their parents, they’re not smart enough, they come from poverty so they won’t be anything, and I’m living proof that that’s not true,” Segers said.

MSA vice presidential candidate Chris Hanner talks family, involvement

“At first I got involved for my own development,” Hanner said. “I was scared that I would end up sitting in residence halls doing nothing.”

MSA vice presidential candidate Heather Parrie talks interests, passions

“I fall in love with things very easily,” Parrie said. “I get very excited about the smallest of things and it’s easy for me to pick something that I’m interested in and dive 110 percent into it.”