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MSA outlines goals for new semester

“I’m less worried about projects with this committee and more worried about taking student issues to the people that can help us solve them,” MSA senator Tim Davis said.

Legislation calling on curators to allow firearms on campus fails in MSA full Senate

Senator Chris Vas: “More guns, more violence, and I agree with that, however I reject the idea that students are not mature enough to carry firearms.”

MSA confirms new executive cabinet

The cabinet will serve for one year under President Sean Earl and Vice President Tori Schafer.

Earl and Schafer explain their MSA cabinet picks

None of the interim executive cabinet members from Gomez and Hanner’s selections re-applied for their positions.

MSA Operations looks into removal of chief justice

Proposed legislation clarifies the removal procedure, but Senate cannot impeach Chief Justice Whitney Barr while she is out of state.

Earl and Schafer take office, closing the book on a tumultuous six months for MSA

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Cathy Scroggs: “We’ve lived through an interesting year. We know that we’ve got to do better. And all the people in this room are committed to that.”

MSA Senate challenged by poor retention

As Senate struggles to reach quorum, current and former MSA members have debated how to increase and maintain attendance.

MSA budget passes unanimously

The Senatorial Election Handbook also passed. Campaigning begins on April 11.

MSA creates a petition system to reconnect with students

MSA will issue an official opinion on any concern that receives at least 50 signatures.

Mark McDaniel replaces Kevin Carr as MSA senate speaker

McDaniel plans to improve Senate communications and encourage diversity of opinions.

MSA discusses new legislation to strengthen their connection with students

Former Senate Speaker Kevin Carr: “Regardless of how tough those conversations are and regardless of how serious the topics are, we shouldn’t shy away from them.”

Ambiguity is a double-edged sword

The BEC’s vaguely written infraction section could come with repercussions.

Two MSA slates faced potential infractions, but both were dropped

The two slates were the Turner/Evans slate and the Earl/Schafer slate.

Former CCRC chairman and presidential candidate Syed Ejaz says goodbye to MSA

Syed Ejaz: “If you were just a fly on the wall you’d think that we would definitely be running but deep down I don’t think anybody really wanted to.”

A Q&A with MSA’s new interim vice president Bill Vega

Vega: “You don’t have to be in an official position, you don’t have to be a vice something or an interim whatever, you can come pop in and say, ‘Hey, this is something I’d like to see done better.’”

MSA CCRC chairman resigns after Senate drives out president-elect

Higginbotham: “Right now, MSA is broken. Students who pay attention quite honestly hate MSA, and I don’t blame them. In my opinion, we earned that.”

MSA lacks answers on elected senators who didn’t run for a seat

MSA Senate Speaker Kevin Carr said he had never seen this happen and did not know how the student’s information was submitted.

The Maneater endorses Ejaz/Parrie for MSA

The Ejaz/Parrie platform, “Mizzou Together,” offers the most promising future for MU.

From DACA to mental health, MSA candidates should admit to not knowing all the answers

Instead of striving to impress students the most, the three slates are competing over who can upset students the least.

BEC handbook changes to be voted after delays

One change Henderson proposed requires all participants to attend a debriefing event.