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MSA confirms new executive cabinet

The cabinet will serve for one year under President Sean Earl and Vice President Tori Schafer.

Earl and Schafer explain their MSA cabinet picks

None of the interim executive cabinet members from Gomez and Hanner’s selections re-applied for their positions.

Earl and Schafer take office, closing the book on a tumultuous six months for MSA

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Cathy Scroggs: “We’ve lived through an interesting year. We know that we’ve got to do better. And all the people in this room are committed to that.”

Ignite Mizzou lives up to its name

Now that the elections are over, let’s take a look back at Payton Head and Brenda Smith-Lezama’s term.

Sean Earl and Tori Schafer share their journey to MSA leadership

Sean Earl: “We decided to run after all of the drama because we saw a lot of our friends and our peers hurting. (We saw) how much a group of individuals could tarnish an entire association that represents over 27,000 students.”

Earl/Schafer wins MSA presidential election, referendum passed to move election to spring

Earl: “I know the real work really kicks in now. I’m looking forward to getting back to what MSA is supposed to do.”

Lydia Ghuman talks about social justice advocacy and her changed view of MSA

Ghuman: “If you help the most marginalized group in any community, it’s going to help the most privileged as well. We are all tied together.”

Andrew Hutchinson talks about self-expression through poetry and running for MSA

Hutchinson: “Everything that happened last semester, it kind of separated us all from each other, so I knew I felt, not a responsibility, but somewhat of a desire to help piece things back together in any way I could.”

MSA vice presidential candidate Clay Evans faces the world head-on

Evans: “Competitiveness isn’t a set parameter. When you’re in a business, things are always changing. When another factor gets added in you can be competitive and it keeps you from being complacent.”

Sam Turner shares his passion for agriculture and gets back to his rural American roots

Turner: “We worked from six in the morning till two or three in the morning. You get two or three hours of sleep, and you go back at it.”

MSA vice presidential candidate Tori Schafer talks about her love for politics and advocacy

Schafer: “I think that having the ability to make peace with your voice is a powerful thing.”

MSA presidential candidate Sean Earl talks service and involvement

The sophomore electrical engineering major cites his openness as his best leadership quality.

UPDATE: BEC issues three infractions, two repealed

Both Earl/Schafer and Hutchinson/Ghuman’s infractions were dismissed on March 2.

Maneater endorsement prioritizes the wrong issues

MSA’s most pressing issue is the issue of diversity on campus.

Flaws in MSA highlighted by 2015 election

Interim President Payton Head: “I think it's disrespectful of him to attack me and to attack the association considering he's caused all of this harm to our association already.”

The Maneater endorses Earl/Schafer

Empower MU is the best platform for reforming MSA.

Election overlap could raise voter turnout, endorsement issues for RHA and MSA

RHA Chief Justice Garrett Wilt: “You’ve got the potential for two slates, one in RHA and one in MSA, to collaborate with one another. If one of them fails, it could create an awfully awkward situation.”

Top moments from the MSA Special Election debate

Voting will begin on at 8 a.m Feb. 29 and close at 5 p.m. March 2. The announcement will be held at Traditions Plaza on March 2.

Two MSA slates faced potential infractions, but both were dropped

The two slates were the Turner/Evans slate and the Earl/Schafer slate.

BEC announces three slates in MSA election and one public debate

The debate will be at 4 p.m. on Feb. 18 in Bengal Lair.