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Muslim Student Organization holds vigil for victims of Indiana killing

MSO member Rasheeq Nazim: “Things like this will really shed light on the fact that (Muslims) are all really in the same fight. We’re all the same in some regards.”

Muslim students lack designated prayer space at MU

Four Front and MSO members asked for an interfaith prayer space last year.

MSO hosts Islam Awareness Week keynote speaker

Bilal said Muslim women often fight stereotypes.

MSO focused on increasing member engagement

The MSO is looking to spread awareness about Islam.

'Women in Islam' discusses role of women in the religion

The event gave participants a chance to ask questions about Islam.

MSO hosts second spring conference

The two-day conference featured speakers from Georgetown University and Northwestern University.

Yusuf Raja elected president of Muslim Student Organization

Raja will take over for current MSO president Taha Hameduddin

MSO women foster friendship through basketball league

The league meets Sundays at Oakland Junior High School.

MU students raise money for East Africa

The fundraiser dinner is projected to raise between $600 and $700.

MSO students attend St. Louis conference

The conference was hosted by Saint Louis University’s Muslim Students Association this weekend.

Hate Wall event encourages tolerance, unity

The Hate Wall event encouraged students to tackle stereotypes they have experienced.

Panel on Women in Islam discusses misconceptions, shares experiences

The panel was part of Islam Awareness Week.

Muslim Student Association guest speaker tackles fear of Shariah

Haroon Moghul spoke during Islam Awareness week to educate listeners about prejudice.

Multicultural Center hosts Religious Discovery Series event on Islam

Rashed Nizam gave a presentation about the Islam religion.

MSO helps Muslim students celebrate end of Ramadan

An MSO dinner marked the end of Ramadan events this week.

CDS creates options for students celebrating Ramadan

Many of the dining halls are staying open late for students celebrating the holiday.

MSO brings speakers from Chicago, Brooklyn

The conference's name was "Pursuits of this World - Beyond Material Gains."

MSO president, Webber call ban on Sharia law ignorant, wasteful

The bill's sponsor Don Wells says the bill would protect Missourians.

Hitting close to home

Protesters with family and friends in Libya showed support for the uprising Wednesday.

MSO hosts Qiyam night for Libya, Middle East

The “night prayers” were for the recent revolutionary conflicts in Libya and other Middle Eastern countries