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MU classes, operations delayed until 10 a.m. Wednesday

MU Health Care hospitals and the Veterinary Health Center Hospital will be open, along with Campus Dining Services.

MUPD sends email warning students of subzero temperatures, provides tips for avoiding hypothermia and frostbite

Students weigh the pros and cons of attending classes in the winter conditions.

MU announces continued closure of campus, UM System offices

A winter welcome event for new students scheduled for Monday has been postponed.

Person involved in active threat on campus is no longer a threat to campus, MU officials say

The female subject was officially taken into police custody after a campus-wide search this afternoon.

MUPD’s messaging system, MU Alert, aims to keep students updated and aware

MUPD Chief Doug Schwandt said that sending out each MU Alert emergency message is an individual decision.

Delivery driver allegedly falsified Wolpers robbery report

MUPD Chief Doug Schwandt: "Using evidence from surveillance cameras, we interviewed Courtney Chancellor, and she confessed that she had reported the crime falsely."

MUPD arrests suspect in MU shooting incident

The 22-year-old man was apprehended Thursday afternoon.

MUPD confirms shots fired near Traditions Plaza

The shooting took place at the same time as an Omega Psi Phi event. No injuries were reported.

MUPD explains MU Alert’s protocol

A communications operator and an alert supervisor are at the MUPD office 24/7 to take in, evaluate and respond to threats when necessary.

Shots fired at Ninth and Elm, suspect heads toward campus

A 1:02 a.m. MU Alert post: “Witnesses were able to provide a license plate number to police. No description of the individual is available at this time.”

Catch up on what you missed regarding Yik Yak threats

Three people have since been arrested in connection with threats on Yik Yak.

MU Alert and MUPD news releases explained

While both are intended to inform the public, news releases are intended for the media.

It takes everyone to make MU more safe

Students and faculty all need to be willing to help facilitate change when it comes to safety on campus.

Administration reviewing why MU Alert ‘failed’

The review was spurred by the April 19 bomb threat.