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New Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology added starting fall 2019

Incoming freshmen can enroll in the program directly.

MU researchers combat bone cancer in dogs

Compared to a three out of 30 survival rate of dogs receiving chemotherapy to treat osteosarcoma, five out of 10 dogs survived the immunotherapy trial.

$3 million scanner and isolation unit opens at MU veterinary hospital

The scanner, a $3 million investment, will be used to further treatment for cancer, among other chronic diseases, associate oncology professor Dr. Jeffrey Bryan said.

MU professor receives $460,000 grant to research tick-borne diseases

The project is expected to last three years and will involve various experiments involving ticks and cattle to study their responses to deadly pathogens.

MU researchers utilize gold nanoparticles in prostate cancer treatment

The new method has proven effective MU researchers have made progress on a new prostate cancer treatment method.

MRI technology brings improvements to MU College of Veterinary Medicine

MU’s College of Veterinary Medicine introduces MRI technology applied to equine athletes.

Hospice patient watches bald eagle’s release into wild

Watson the bald eagle was released Jan. 8.