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Mizzou College Republicans looks to educate MU community on conservatism

Through open discussions and debates, Mizzou College Republicans aims to educate its members about conservatism and connect them to volunteer and working opportunities.

MU students, community members gather to participate in Youth Climate Strike

A member of Mizzou College Republicans arrived at the event to voice concerns after being excluded from the planning process.

Mizzou College Republicans foster political debate and open conversation

The group plans to host politicians and attend conferences throughout the year.

MU alerts raise concerns about state gun laws

Under Missouri law, rifles and handguns can be purchased from any of Columbia’s 10 firearm retailers without requiring a permit of the purchaser.

Missouri lawmakers introduce photo ID requirements

MU students could become disfranchised should proposed legislation pass.

Ann Coulter speaks at Missouri Theatre

Coulter addressed the healthcare system, the nation’s rising debt, her opinion on Obama and the 2012 presidential election.

Conservative Ann Coulter to speak at MU

MU College Republicans are fundraising $10,000 to bring conservative speaker Ann Coulter to MU.

MU students reflect on Iowa caucus results

Some of their concerns are the national debt and the job market they will face.

Rainbow House receives donations from MU organizations

Both the MU college democrats and republicans have donated to Rainbow House this holiday season.

Bylaws restrict MSA from funding College Republican speaker event

According to MSA, the College Republicans did not request funding to bring Ann Coulter to campus properly.

Students respond to Ann Coulter’s racially-charged remark

Coulter said, “Our blacks are better than their blacks.”

New York Times best-selling author David Limbaugh lectures on Obama Administration

David Limbaugh’s most recent novel, "Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama," debuted at number one on the New York Times Bestseller List.

MU College Republicans attend rally outside fundraiser for President Obama’s 2012 campaign

Freshmen MU College Republicans gained experience in political affairs Tuesday at St. Louis jobs rally.

MU conservative women's group to foster discussion, reading

The group will serve as a book club and discussion group for conservative women.

GOP primary, according to campus organizations

CDEK: Campus Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians comment on the GOP presidential candidates.

Plans for chapter of conservative women's group come to MU

The group will focus on ideology rather than campaigning and will read books from a national reading list.

Campus political groups debate education issues, foreign affairs

The debate was between student Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians.

Missouri Dems focus on simplifying voting, campaign finance reform

One proposed amendment would cut the Missouri House's size from 163 members to 103.

Mizzou College Republicans support legislators at Lincoln Days

Six members of the organization attended the event.

College Republicans visit Washington, D.C. for national conference

The conference looked ahead to the 2012 presidential election.