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MU Libraries forced to make large journal cuts for upcoming fiscal year

The university’s library will cut close to 500 academic journals, but from this problem emerges a possible solution.

RJI, MU Libraries strive to save Columbia history at KOMU, Missourian with help of grant

A team from the Journalism Digital News Archive is looking for solutions to properly preserve digital content as technology evolves.

In making more room for students, MU libraries will move more print materials off-site

While the MU library administration plans on continuing its expansion of resources and space available to students, it comes at the cost of moving its vast print collection.

MU Libraries brings back Research Smarter, Not Harder workshop series for spring semester

These workshops aim to help students and faculty familiarize themselves with various databases and provide basic tutorials regarding research.

Official university fundraising campaigns initiated to extend library hours

User Engagement Librarian Grace Atkins: “We understand that hours are the priority, and we are trying to get them back.”

Recent budget cuts to MU Libraries decrease staff, materials

MU Libraries spokeswoman Shannon Cary: “The library has purchased automatic check-out machines to help deal with decreases in staff.”

MSA hopes to encourage use of open educational resources on campus

An OER is any resource that professors can use in the classroom free of cost to students

Students create petition to increase Ellis Library hours

The petition is gaining speed with over 2,000 supporters as of Thursday evening.

Failed fee and budget cuts cause changes at MU Libraries

MU Libraries are searching for more funding and have raised $6 million so far.

Biggest Buzzkill: Effects of low enrollment

MU’s struggle to attract freshmen has led to budget shortages and closed residence halls.

MU Libraries struggle to make improvements after fee fails

Without funding from the proposed library fee, the libraries may have to decrease their hours.

Faculty Council proposes examining MU and UM System’s relationship

“They’re supposed to be a support function, but somehow they are dictating academics … so what value is (the) system supposed to play?” council member Jung Ha-Brookshire asked.

Students bring hopes for campus improvement to curators’ listening session

“Racism at the University of Missouri will not be a simple fix,” student Danielle Walker said.

Regardless of the result, the library fee referendum is unfair to students

The vote is a decision between two negative outcomes.

Library fee subject of discussion on KCOU radio show

If passed, the fee could raise $13 million at its highest rate.

Faculty Council releases statement of concern regarding university leadership

“This unresolved situation erodes our ability to perform faculty duties of teaching, research and outreach,” the statement read.

Outgoing MU Director of Libraries urges students to say “yes” to the proposed library fee

"Your libraries are the ONLY academic division on campus that does NOT have a designated student fee."

With a lack of administrative support, students accept voting in favor of library fee

While students understand that the library needs funding, some feel that administration has put the responsibility fully on them

Library forum reveals concerns about potential new fee

Students will vote for the fee on Nov. 9.

Our wishlist for MU’s new $1.3 billion campaign

Ellis Library, the Counseling Center and graduate students all deserve prioritization.