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Tag: MU Student Unions

Unions Entrepreneurial Program helps students launch their businesses

Housey Designs, Max Fix and Yes Girl were selected as this year’s businesses for the Unions Entrepreneurial Program.

ThreadBare: To build a successful student venture

ThreadBare will accept applications for new prospective owners.

Stuff in a Box is helping families show their MU student some love

A tailgating box and holiday-themed boxes will soon be available.

Student feedback prompts installation of individual seating in Student Center

The new 39 stations feature power outlets in response to complaints of inaccessible electricity.

Let’s get down to business

The Student Unions Entrepreneurial Program allows students to operate small businesses for one school year in a space housed in the Student Center.

Student-run business Interlude Music opens in Student Center

Interlude’s mission is to support student musicians and give them a way to reach a larger audience.

New fees might be imposed on student room reservation

The cost will only be charged when configuration of rooms are changed.